October 29, 2009

Mad Hatter

I love hats. Really, really, really love them. Any size, shape, colour, or kind, I love them all. I own quite few, some vintage some not. The hats that I wear most often are knit caps or berets. I would love to wear my other ones more often but I have a little problem: I'm pretty convinced I will look like a dope. I'm pretty sure this is all in my head, but still. I just feel very obtrusive when I wear hats other than my berets or knit caps. Besides that I don't think they fit into my life very well. I sit in an office from 9-5 everyday and I don't know, I just feel like wearing a really beautiful vintage hat in a stuffy old office is just unfair to the hat. Hats should be admired, they should frolic in the sunshine, or the rain, or the wind, or the snow. They should not be stuck in an office. So the times I have worn my hats to work, I end up taking them off, shoving them under my desk and the reviving them when I go outside- which is when I leave work usually.
So here I am, a closet hat wearer, with a million and three hats, that sit in my room untouched, unseen, and unused. Does anyone else feel this same way or am I just being an idiot? I just keep thinking that I'm going to stick out like a sore thumb (I hate that phrase) wearing a little hat all day. It's really sad too because whenever I am in thrift stores, or antique stores and I see hats, I try them ALL on. Yes, all of them. But I never buy them, no matter how much I love them, because I know I won't wear them.
So long story short I have decided to get over my fear of wearing hats in public and just wear them. We'll see how well this goes.
On related notes, I am currently making a "hat" of sorts for my Hallowe'en costume. I still need to to go the craft store and see if I can find some flowers (do you have any idea how hard black roses are to track down two days before Hallowe'en?). And I'm still experimenting with shapes for said hat. So far we've got a Purtian's cap, and what is approaching looking like a Viking Longship.

On another related note about things I have no quams about putting in my hair, I just ordered these from the ever so lovely Maria's Etsy shop. She still has two more available, if you are interested. I can't wait for mine to arrive!


  1. Oh, you're not alone! It's really scary wearing hats when no one else does - they wouldn't look so out of place if everyone else was wearing them too. (and for the record, I am quite sure you wouldn't look like a dope! I bet you'd be just lovely, and I'd love to see some of your collection!) I am a hat hoarder, so I've just had to make a point to wear them even when I'm feeling insecure. They do inevitably invite stares, but I just try to ignore the negative ones. I get plenty of nice compliments from people, too. I always feel just a little prettier when I wear hats, and I encourage everyone to do so too! :)

  2. I love me a good hat, too. I just find it hard to figure out exactly how they should sit on the head. I'm a hat perfectionist, I suppose.

    I want a big hair bow!

  3. oo which one did you order? i still cant decide on mine !! thank you sooo much for your sweet comment !!!!!!!

    i used to think hat don't fit me, but i love them so much i decided i don't care and wear them anyway :-)

  4. I so love hats too!! But always feel like I stand out too much while wearing them!! That's why I adore bows, especially big ones!! They're almost like hats!

    Thank you so much for the mention! I mailed the hair bows yesterday and they're on their way!!