October 12, 2009

Monday Inspiration #24: Drip, drop.

If you have known me for more than ten seconds, you know that I have a deep passionate love of rain. I know that there are many people out there who like rain, and what I'm about to say is going to sound horribly cocky, and arrogant, but I really do think I enjoy it more than almost anyone else (that I know at least). In California we get about 9 inches or rain a year. This is depressing. When I went to the UK and Ireland we had five sunny days during our 21 day trip, and I could not have been happier. I really, really, really, really, really love rain. I mean, like, alot. I can honestly say that I would not be sad if it rained for days on end. I love it! I always have. As a little girl my favourite days were rainy ones and spent them all outside, in my boots and rain coat, playing and smiling. For a more detailed post all about rain go here, but for length reasons I shan't repeat all the things I love about the rain now.

The last couple of days a storm has been coming in from the coast of Mexico, and I have been waiting with bated breath. Each morning I wake up to dark, gloomy, looming clouds that disappear by noon. But today is supposed to be the day. It's supposed to rain today, tomorrow and the next day. Here's hoping. But The point of all this, is that I find that I feel far more inspired when it rains. I enjoy the outdoors more (because it's not suffocatingly hot), I enjoy the indoors more. I want to hike and sew, and make and sing. I want to bake, and cook, and read by the fireplace. I'm a cold weather kinda gal, but I'd rather it be rainy and cold, than clear and cold.

I know alot of people find the rain oppressive (which is how I feel with heat), and dark and gloomy, but I've always liked the gloom. I find rain liberating, and frankly I've always liked dark and gloomy things, Grey is my third favourite colour.

Of all the wonderful things about rain, there is one thing I love more than anything. This one thing is something I highly recommend you do next time it rains wherever you are. Put on some boots, grab a warm jacket, Put a smile on your face, and go joyously jump into a giant puddle of water. Each puddle has one good jump, so make it worth it. Then stand in the puddle you've just jumped in, and smile at all the good things about rain. I guarantee it will brighten your day.

On a side note, I have come down with a rather annoying cold that has manifested itself in a sore throat. The silver lining of all this is that I am breaking out my scarves (all 20 of them) and drinking copious amounts of peppermint tea with raw honey cough syrup. Oh and soup. I'm eating soup. I love the rain.
Do you like the rain? What do you like most?

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  1. I don't like rain when I have to go somewhere, but I absolutely love it when it's late at night and I'm lying in bed and it's pitter-pattering on the roof.