December 23, 2009

The Big Squeeze

New song lyrics?: Candy Wrapper kisses

I'm trying to catch up with the goings on that have been, well, going on. This was supposed to be posted on Friday and for some reason wasn't. I hope everyone's Christmas and Holiday Preparations are going swimmingly! I have much to show you guys tomorrow, but for today I am off to Christmas Party #2 which will hopefully produce more photos than Christmas Party #1.

Thursday night I played at Open Mic Night. Remember Dreamboat Musician? Well he is now known as The Artist Formerly Known As Dreamboat Musician. We'll get there eventually. Anyways I played and it went really well actually! I mean as far as I can tell. I have this nasty habit of tending to zone out on stages. It can actually get really creepy to the point of I'll go do my thang get off stage and then ask people when I'm supposed to go on. I did this a few times at Voice Recitals in College. Creeped everyone out including me. But this time I got off the stage only half cognizant of what just happened and I felt good about it. Like proud and confident and happy with it. I know there were a few blips on the radar, but overall it was an A- performance. I'm okay with that for now. It was a good learning experience too. And I have figured out why I did so well and what I need to do before I perform from now on. The only reason I went was because Sarah forced me to. I wanted to go to bed but she said no go play it will be good, so I'm very glad she made me. But seeing as it is me, obviously something went horribly (and somewhat amusingly) wrong.

Sarah decided she wanted to stay at least until TAFKADM (see above) played (this was while he was still only known as DM). I'm pretty sure she just wanted an excuse to stare at him without seeming creepy. I mean the guy could pass for Adonis any day so it's no wonder he has this effect on people. Well in the mean time there is a young man who frequents the coffee shop who is retarded. I'm sure he is quite a lovely fellow and he does seem to be incredibly sweet, but unfortunately he developed a crush on me during the last three weeks. He kept coming up to me and being creepy and asking me really dumb questions about my music. Then he started asking about my personal life and all this nonsense and I complained to Sarah that it is always me that creepy seem to like, and he would just stand by my chair and look at me and then he asked if he could sit with us. Luckily Charissa and her boyfriend Ryan showed up and I told him they were staying with us, but then they decided not to stay and so he kept hanging around us like he was hoping for an invitation to sit. So he started to talk to me again about God knows what and I was trying to ignore him by talking with Sarah who is apparently incapable of having fake conversations and just got up and left because she didn't know what to do. Thanks friend for the abandonment (I'm kidding you know that.). It should be noted that I have absolutely nothing against mentally challenged people. Honestly I've known quite a few over the years, and I've always been kind and courteous and nice, and even did my best to treat them like normal people. it drives me nuts when people classify others because of a mental or physical limitation. People are people regardless of anything. They should be treated like people. I've always done my best to walk that talk. But this guy was just creepy. Like seriously uncomfortably creepy. I had to tell him some bull crap story about my boyfriend (which by the end of the night I think turned into a fiance) in order for him to leave me alone. It was so horrible. Though Sarah and I did agree that this is a step up. Even if I now attract retarded guys, I no longer attract gay guys so at least I'm getting people who are interested in my kind. It's a long story about the gay guys, but I've been in love with about four. It was a trying time in my life, and I still have horrible Gay-dar.

So then we're sitting there watching people sound like crap, and I look over at TAFKADM and there is some girl who I know for a fact is STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL! with her head on his shoulder. I sigh and shrug in defeat when he reaches his arm around her and goes for her boob. Then he went for a boob squeeze. Yep. In the middle of the room, with everyone around. I mean at least have the decency to take it to the bathroom guy. AND SHE'S FREAKING 17!!!! and a wannabe punk! Poor taste sir, poor taste. So I tell this to Sarah, she glares at him in disgust, but insists that we stay until he plays. So a half an hour before the thing is supposed to be over TAFKADM and Miss Jail Bait walk out of the building never to return. He didn't even sign up to play that night. So then Sarah was mad that we'd sat through Emotion Canvas (please click the link. Seriously your life will be changed) for him, so we left and went to Denny's on the way there Sarah called Charissa and Ryan and they met us there and we ended up staying to like one in the morning. I got home around 2:15 or 2:30 and finally got in bed at about 3:30. So all in all it was a really good night. RIP DM.

Emotion Canvas and their Christmas Sweaters. Yep.

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  1. At least you know now that he is a total sleaze and you won't fade away like some Victorian spinster wishing for a man you can never have :D heh heh heh
    Things like tit squeezes aren't (in my book...and it's large) public displays of affection. It's just crude, it implies ownership and should be kept private (if tit squeezing is you thang baby). My hubby adores me and people can tell but he doesn't grab and knead and play tonsil hockey with me >**< It is subtle and beautiful. You will find it. Anyway, he is most likely not your intellectual equal AND he probably smells :D There, all over and done :D
    I hope you have a fabulous Christmas and New Year. Lovely to have "met" you before the yr ended.