December 27, 2009

Christmas pt 1.

Alright guys, this has gotten out of hand! I litterally have about ten posts in the making to sum up my incredibly busy Christmas season (which is not over either!), so I have decided to do a series of posts coving the whole mess over the next week. I have some really, wonderful, awsome, funny, and exciting things to post about I hardly know where to start, so I'm just going to start at the beginning. So here is a funny little ditty and a cool crafty project to start us off!

My mess:

Gracie's mess:

Tuesday I made gift tags for all my gifts. I used my mom's Sizzix to cut the tags then drew the initial of the gift recipient, filled it with glue and covered it in glitter. They're very simple to make and alot of fun. What was more entertaining was what happened while I did this.

My mom and Chelsea went to go do last minute shopping leaving me with Grace. There is a rule in our house that when Grace is being particularly annoying (and believe you me, she can get very annoying especially when playing with glitter), we put on Twilight. She loves that movie with a deep and burning passion. What is most amusing is that she can (and I am not joking about this at all) quote the entire movie. She also discusses various aspects whilst watching. Observe:

Grace: I just really like Edward.
Ashley: uh-huh, that's nice Grace.
Grace: I mean he is alot like me.
Ashley: uh-huh, that's nice Grace.
Grace: Like he is moody and fair, and I am moody and fair.
Ashley: (with an eyebrow cocked)Really?
Grace: Yeah and he was mad at the boys who wanted to hurt Bella and I'm mad at the boys (our brothers)for hiding Twilight and not liking Edward. He's just so much like me. *Sigh*
Ashley: Grace watch the dang movie and be quiet.
Grace: Okay. Hey! We're making things glittery like Edward.
Ashley: yes we are.
Grace: oooo! Alice has cute shoes!

There was also a discussion as to why Edward and Emmett slammed into each other while playing baseball because that is not a nice thing to do to your brother, and why James is evil ("I just... I just don't know how he gotted that way. I mean for real, he is so mean."). And during this whole thing she made coffee, and drank a cup of coffee. She is four. She knows how to make coffee. She drinks a morning cup, an afternoon cup, and an evening cup now. She uses the kitchen stool to get her cup and then pour herself some. She does not need coffee. She'd already wired enough.

These are the gift tags we (I) made. They were really easy to do and ended up looking really pretty. After I made them of course I realized I could have just used glitter glue and called it a night, but what is the fun in that? The best part of these is that they'd be great for gifts in other seasons as well. The paper/glitter combination posibilities are endless! I got the idea from the December issue of Martha Stewart Living. The issue featured the initials placed on the actual wrapping paper as well, which would be really pretty too!

Here are a few of the tags in action. I really loved the way they came out. Definately doing this again!

I'll post more about the gifts I gave and recived tomorrow. This was a particularly wonderful gift year. If you ever doubt the impact a homemade gift can have, don't. Tomorrow is filled with a real tear jerker (well at least it made me bawl like a baby in front of my friends and family. Excpet pictures of my horrible "Cry Face" (a close relation of "Pose Face")).

I hope all of your Christmas's were wonderful and splendid!

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  1. Your gift wrapping/tags are so cute! Handmade tags and gifts are always the most special. :)