December 11, 2009

Round up

Barret, Blouse, Beads, Earrings- Vintage,
Skirt- Thrifted,
Shoes- Retired dance shoes from here
(if you are in the market BEST prices for Character shoes. I think mine are 2" heeled Capezio brand. I really want a pair of the black T-straps, but seeing as I am not very theatrically active anymore I'm not sure I can justify it!)
Points of order:

  • I played at Open Mic night last night and if there hadn't been any technical difficulties it would have been a smashing success. By technical difficulties I mean that I freaked out the sound system, flubbed up words, and nearly died on a lugie that decided to rear it's ugly head mid song. But otherwise it went well. I wrote a whole play by play post that I may post this weekend.
  • For those who call me on my cell phone (so no one. I hate phones.) it is currently out of commission. For some reason it's freaking out and I've been on hold all morning trying to get the thing fixed. If you need to get a hold of me try Facebook or email.
  • I was featured (in the above photo) as a Wardrobe Remixer of the week! Made me blush too cuz my face looks so stupid in that photo! haha! But I am incredibly flattered! So thanks!
  • Tomorrow I have an honest to goodness legitimate post. It is about The Princess and The Frog and something incredibly cool my family and I got to do. Lots of really neat pictures. I've been meaning to post it for a week, but the stars have not been aligned. Tomorrow it will be done.
  • What do y'all think about vlogging? I like the idea, but I'm afraid I'd talk too much. However I'm thinking about doing a music feature using a video blog. Thoughts?
  • Scratch what I said about the phone. They just fixed it.
  • Have just discovered there is a refill bottle for my face wash. Every two weeks or so I go and buy another bottle. It costs between $9-$5 depending on where I buy it. For $12.99 I can buy a refill bottle that has enough to refill my little bottle three-four times. Score.
  • I am pretty sure I have a cold. I'm pretty sure Jessica gave it to me.
  • It is raining! Yay!
  • You need to go to Youtube and watch this. Best. Video. Ever. We all spent about 20 minutes at work laughing over it. The end is the best part.
  • I found more cats at Goodwill. Expect a post about them soon. The one I was going to buy was gone though. Sad.

That's all I got. Have a lovely weekend guys! We're getting a Christmas tree and going to Disneyland in the rain. What are you doing?

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