December 9, 2009

Hobo Snow Fights

Dres and blouse- thrifted, bow-Lululetty, tights-target, everything else is vintage.

Just a real quick post. I have about 10 petitions on my desk for me to input (joy). So I'm very busy today. But I really like the way this came out. Very school girlish I guess. Funny story. My photo spot is by a dumpster. Yesterday I apparently chose the prime Hobo traffic time where they all come out and fight over picking cans and soda bottles out of the dumpster. So there I was minding my won beeswax when suddenly a legion of hobos surrounded me and began to make fun of the fact that I was taking photos of myself. Then they wanted my money. I managed to survive by the way.

My mom came and visited work yesterday because she had to get something from my dad or something and she wanted to show me all these $2 Martha Stewart craft things she found. Jessica and I went out to go look at them in the car and the truck parked next to her was covered in this stuff:

A snowball fight ensued, and then we ate it. I love the way snow tastes, even if it is from off the top of a dirty old car. We were really excited to see snow (can you tell we live in So. California?). The rainstorm we had brought a bunch of snow to Big Bear this week. There's another storm coming in this weekend too. Yay!
How's your week so far? Is it snowing where you are?


  1. Oh, I love this outfit! I really like this preppy/collegiate style on you.
    And I wish it was snowing! It's been so cold so far this month that I'm hopeful, but in the south you never know. A white Christmas would be so nice. :)

  2. Oh, I love the many colors in this look. Your cardigan and tights are awesome!!

    YAY, you're wearing the bow!!


  3. Grace and I made one of the glitter bird cards from one of the Martha Stewart card kits I bought. ($2 for 8 cards!) Did I say Grace and glitter in the same sentence? It was fun! There was glitter everywhere!

  4. Hot hot hot in Australia. I had a semi white Christmas once when I spent some time in the UK. Bit of slush on the ground. It's summer here(obviously :D). I have spent 38 of my 39 yrs having Xmas in summer and I still can't get used to it and don't like it. When I am rich and famous (har har) I will travel every Xmas to all places snowy and cold. I want to wear boots and cardi's and hats and tights and sip egg nog(well, I'll skip that). Love the outfit. I'm rather too old to pull it off but looks fab on you :D

    Cheers :D

  5. oo i love the outfit !! love the style !! you got a LuluLetty bow !!! awesome !!

    I always always "need" new shoes as well ! those are just magic ! i love the shade of blue !