December 16, 2009

Cats & Laundry Hampers

Oh hi. How are you? I'm good. I've been busy. And lazy (mostly lazy) and I'm still trying to figure out where this week has gone. I'm having a fun little party on Sunday so I've been frantically trying to get everything ready. But I am super excited for it (especially since it may even involve you guys here! Details to come!).
So I have a bit of catching up to do starting with a "Cats at Goodwill" update. I'm thinking of starting a new blog entirely dedicated to weird figurines found at Goodwill and other various places. I have enough to fill the first year.
I went back to Goodwill sometime last week in search of a hamper. More on the hamper later. While browsing, I went to see if the stupid cats were still there. I was seriously determined to buy the second one if it was there. It was not. But these are what were there:

Click to enlarge. Note that in the first photo there is a creature made entirely out of shells. He got his own separate picture too.

My theory is that Jean was an old lady who wanted to be a cat lady, but was allergic to cats and thus surrounded herself with cat figurines. Upon her death her family donated all the cats too Goodwill because frankly they were scary. The best part is when I took the picture of the super creeptastic pink one some gangster Cholo guy walked by with his girlfriend and pointed to it saying "holy s**t that is going to give me nightmares!" I laughed rather obnoxiously at that.

Moral of the story is that it is probably a very good thing that the stupid cat wasn't there, because I would be one step closer to being a cat lady. And I hate cats.

But anyhoodles, moving on. I went in search of a laundry hamper. This is my old hamper:

Yeah. That's it upside down so you can see the metal wire thing sticking out that made it impossible for me to put the thing upright. Basically it was useless. And yes I go have a mini Finding Nemo hamper as well. This if for dry cleaning stuff. It's cute. Shut up.

I wanted one of those wicker ones from the 60's with the padded top. My great grandparents had one when I was a kid. Their whole bedroom was in this really vintage-y cornflower blue colour, including their hamper. I really wanted one in that colour, but I was willing to settle for white.

So I went in with the intent of just looking for a hamper and then leaving. I bought a purse, a dress (though it wasn't for me), a really awesome vintage hat, finally found a nice brown leather belt, and tried to convince myself that the 60's pumps that were a 10 AA would fit me when I'm actually a 10 A. I didn't buy them. Oh and I forgot the hamper. But then I remembered that I really need cold weather pajamas because I have resorted to pink flannel pj pants with tiny smiling mushrooms on them, and a red lumberjack plaid flannel button up. So I went to the section of the store that has lingerie and pj's. This part of the store grosses me out, so I never actually bother looking there. And as per usual, I didn't last long. One nasty black teddy later I meandered over towards where they keep the luggage. I glanced in the pile and look what I saw peeking out:

I know! Exactly what I wanted! I did a jig in Goodwill. Highly successful trip I'd say! And this is the hat I got. It's in absolutely perfect condition! Now I just need something to wear it with!

Tomorrow I will tell you about the Shoes of Destiny and the perks of befriending old ladies in thrift stores.

How have you been? What did you do this weekend?


  1. ooo well at least you have memories of the snow !!!! ;-)

    cat number 4 is quite scary ;-)

    the little hat is perfect !!!

  2. yea, you seriously need to make the GoodWill blog. i will watch it like a hawk if you do.

  3. That pink cat looks just like my dog (only he is black and not pink and obviously not a cat, ceramic or otherwise). It's the facial expression. My mother calls my dog a "limb of satan" because he can look evil and is just a little bit skewed mental health wise. He and I are similar in that respect heh heh heh. I have a laundry hamper with a padded top only it's chocolate brown and doesn't hold the laundry, rather my son's collection of playstation bits and pieces. It's really a nice piece and looks good in the tv room. My daughter has one made of sea grass and it holds her dress up clothes and tea sets and what not. My actual laundry hamper is hideous yellow plastic with a burn in the lid (how, why, when? I know not, for none of us smoke and we haven't been staring fires in the laundry room). Anyhoo, must think about a nicer one that that.
    Love the hat BTW, very you :D

  4. Only you would take pictures of your laundry hampers...that pink one is half mine, btw, so please bring half of it to me...teehee...