December 8, 2009


Clockwisefrom top left: My little car, Astrid, in the rain, my boots,
A very tempting puddle, the rain coming down over Carl's Jr.

It occured to me yesterday while I was cooped up in my office all by my lonesome (curse you finals week!) that I have never shown you my office, or desk. Our desks are our once source of creativity/personality/happiness. All the walls in the whole building are painted in horrible brown tones named "bonjour beige" and "brownbag." I want to throw up in the brown bag, and say bonjour to the beige, but I'm mearly a minion. But this has made us "decorate" our desks rather charmingly. Now I honestly could care less about my desk, I sit, I do my thang, and I leave as soon as I can. So Bri, and somewhat Jessica, have taken it upon themselfes to ply me with random bits to decorate with. I do the same in exchange. Bri and Jessica's desks are far more interesting, but here is my offering.

Clockwise from top left: 1. My office coffee cup which was a Christmas-by-way-of-Valentine's day gift from Michael. 2. Twilight Sweetharts (which are seriously so gross) from Jess. 3. A little flip book full of snarky sayings and vintage pictures from Charissa last Christmas. 4. Angus (not Nessie) the Loch Desk Monster from Bri for Christmas last year.

Clockwise from top left: 1. This is Adam Golka. These flyers were all over the ground at Bri and Michael's school. They thought he was funny looking, thus a viable possible love interest for me. He's some sort of like young virtuoso in San Bernadino. I'm trying to get him to add me as a friend on Facebook so I can start a fan page for him. No I have no plans on him being a love interest of mine. 2. Unicorns are my favourite. 3. Bri drew this! and added quotes (some I'm pretty sure she made up) from Twilight! 4. There is a Carl's Jr. behind us. Anytime a new promotional add is circulated, one of us gives another one of us said promotional add for decoration. I was the lucky SOB to get the Hot Hardee's Biscuit. Yay.

Clockwise from top left: 1.It was a boring day, a slow day, a day in which we all copied our faces. We even copied our hair. We drawn the line at butts. 2. Jessica drew this for me. It says Chipotle + Medicine = a happy sick Asian. 3. There is a really good chinese food place downtown. lately I've been saving my fortunes and tacking them to my desk. 4. Um I draw on my desk. With a pen. Yes. I am four.

And that's my desk! Boring, and rather pitiful, but it's where I spend most my life, so it might as well make me smile a bit. What does your desk look like? Is it neat and tidy, or organized chaos (or just plain chaos!)?

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  1. just for you, i jumped in the puddles at disneyland yesterday. =D