January 18, 2010


The rain came! And it's supposed to stick around for nearly a week! Yay!

Umbrella- Target years ago,
Scarf- Gift from Nana last Christmas,
Gloves- Target, Sweater-Target,
Cami- H&M,
Vintage Pink crinoline- The Wasteland Los Angeles CA,
Tights- Target (there are actually two pairs, one green and an overlay of black that has cuts outs though you can't tell),
Shoes- Target years ago.

I'm not a pink girl. I like pink, but I don't love it. I never played Princesses when I was little, or was ever too frilly. I desperately wanted to be a tomboy even though I really wasn't. Even now, I only own about five pink things. Period. It's just not me. But this skirt makes me so darn happy I could squeal! I feel like a fairy. It sounds so stupid, but it's so true. In the summer I fully intend to wear this sans cardigan and with a pair of sandals. I will be a nymph.

Two funny stories in regards to this skirt. I revised my shopping ban to let me shop on a budget and once that amount is gone so is my shopping abilities. Well it's gone. So when we were in LA yesterday my mom found this skirt and my dad said he'd buy it for me. He really liked it so he theorized that if he bought it I wouldn't be shopping right. So As we were leaving I thanked my dad for buying me my "new skirt." "You mean your new crinoline?" he said with a raised eyebrow. "we'll see." I said. And see we did.

When I was taking these pictures (which are from under the awning at work so as to protect my camera from rain (my usual spot is an ally with no covering)), there were these creepy guys in an Astro Van watching me from the Carl's Jr. parking lot behind us. They honked at me, I ignored. when I was putting my tripod away and gathering my stuff they drove into out parking lot and began to turn towards me. I tried to hurry so as not to be human trafficed, but failed in getting cleaned up soon enough. So creepy guy rolls down his window and says "Hey can I ask you a question?" to which I turned and said in a rather annoyed tone "what?" "Do you know where an Arco station is? Or any gas station." "yeah coner of Market and 14th. There's a thrifty gas. It's right around the corner." (and anyone wanting to stalk me may now figure out where my office is). The guy smiled and nodded. "Oh thanks. Can I ask you another question?" I knew where this was going and sighed closing my eyes as I nodded. "so um what was... that?" he asked mimicing a camera. I smiled. "I have a fashion blog. I take pictures of my clothes. I blog about them." He got an incredibly creepy grin. "Oh are there a lot of people who do that?" "yes. Goodbye." and I fled into the building. And this is why I normally take pictures in an alley that no one uses.



    and those gloves are uhmazing. so cute smashly.

  2. i love rain and your skirt :) and your photographing stories are always spot on.

    also, i just noticed that in your blog header, you are wearing a different hat in each pic...that's how observant i am! :D