January 19, 2010

MEET: Bonnie

Meet Detective Bonnie O'Hara. The year is 1977. Bonnie's brother is a cop. Her father was a cop. Her grandfather was a cop. Her great grandfather was a cop. Her Great grandfather became a cop not long after moving his family to New York from Cork, Ireland. it was only natural for Bonnie to follow in their footsteps. It was not an easy road though. She began as a desk clerk, while still in high school. After a few years of schlepping coffee and donuts around the precinct to pay her way through college Bonnie graduated from Columbia University with a degree in Criminal Justice. After enrolling in the Police Academy Bonnie had a short lived fling with one Rudy Hannigan. They split over a dispute between the Yankees and the Mets.

Bonnie graduated the Police Academy and was placed on a beat in Brooklyn. While she took her job very seriously, she did not find it challenging mentally, and so she applied to test for a Detective. It surprised no one when Bonnie passed with flying colours. It surprised everyone when she was partnered with Detective Rudy Hannigan. Bonnie soon became the victim of harsh sexism from the other detectives, and even some of the officers. Her "pet name" was Nancy Drew (rumor has it Rudy was the one who coined the name). This only made Bonnie more determined than ever to prove to them, and the world, that she could nab the bad guy, and look great doing it. Despite their taste in sports, Rudy and Bonnie worked well as a team. They solved case after case (mostly due to Bonnie's sharp wit, attention to detail, and ability to tell the difference between real and designer handbags), winning their team a highly respected name among police, and citizens across the five boroughs. At Bonnie's insistence they kept their relationship strictly professional, though Rudy somehow managed to always convince Bonnie out for a drink, or dinner. And even while Bonnie tried to keep the conversation to the weather and their job, somehow Rudy always rounded it off to families, and marriage, and Women's Liberation. The romantic tension between the two was the talk of the precinct (mostly among coffee girls and nosy wives), but Bonnie refused to let it get to her. She merely thought of Rudy as a colleague who had particularly bad taste in sports teams. That is until the day they busted a large Colombian drug cartel and Rudy was shot. After extensive surgery, Rudy was left in a coma as Bonnie stayed by his bed conflicted: did she love him? And if so was it enough to give up everything she had worked so hard for? Of could she really have it all a career and a family? Maybe there was something to this Women's Liberation stuff after all?

Baret- gift
Earrings- Vintage
Bag- Vintage Dooney & Bourke
Coat- Vintage London Fog
Gloves- Vintage
Blouse- H&M
Skirt- Vintage
Tights- Target
Shoes- Target

I originally had no intention of making this a MEET feature. However then this story popped in my head and I knew it was destined for greatness. The skirt is new and I found it on a whim trip to Goodwill (it cost me four bucks so that technically doesn't count as being out of my non shopping money). I've been searching for a skirt like this for ages and randomly stumbled upon this one yesterday. One of the things I love most about thrifting is those stumble moments. This coat was another stumble find. I bought it this summer when it was far too hot to even think about coats, but I couldn't pass it up. A white princess cut LONDON FOG coat for seven bucks? Hullo! I am very excited for it's debut today!

You'll have to forgive my face in these photos, I have got a horrible cold. It's really annoying. I am never, ever, ever, sick. Usually I just don't get sick, but if someone I know does, I start bulking up on the vitamin c and d, and drink lots of hot teas. Chelsea got it this time and I nursed her back to health all the while making sure I took everything I was giving her. I even invented a tea concoction that led Chel back to health in no time. I think she had it for about four days. Then yesterday I started sniffling, and coughing a bit. I took all my vitamins and pills and felt fine, just a runny nose. Then last night it hit and I wanted to die. I ache everywhere, have used more tissue than I ever have in my life, and my head feels like a balloon. I'm so tired of blowing my nose! haha! Luckily I got to leave work early today, put on ugly old pajamas, crawl in bed with a book (I'm reading Breakfast at Tiffany's and so far I love it. Holly is such a charmingly odd character!), turn on some Bob Dylan, and am now on my way to getting better. I just wish I could stop sneezing! haha!
Edit: Hey everyone I forgot to add the links to the previous posts in thsi series so here they are!


  1. I LOVE this. You look awesome. And I like the story, too. What a great idea.
    -Andi x