January 17, 2010

Pretty (and odd) Little Things

An owl cutting board

Heart shapped saucers and matching mugs

Supplemental cook books to the series of vintage cook books I collect

A set of four dessert plates with matching mugs

Vintage Dishware

The most fabulous and tacky unicorn statuette ever created!

I have no idea what this is? Current guesses: cigarette holder, ink pen holder?

Pretty Mexican bird candle holder

More coffee mugs

Even more coffee mugs

The strangest little blue be-glittered bear ornament ever. I left him behind for the sake of my sister.

Weekend activites so far include: Reading (I have finished Jane Bites Back (excellent!) and am now reading Beakfast at Tiffany's), cleaning my room, writing music, reading Marth Stewart Living, planning this week's menu, taking pictures, and being drug to Los Angeles. I'm clearly thrilled about the last one (for those of you who don't know, that is sarcasm. I loathe LA.).
Overall a mostly incredibly wonderful weekend! How's yours?
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Happy Sunday!

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