January 15, 2010


I want to start incorporating more Victorian and Edwardian items into my wardrobe (though today I am dressed like a girl from the Babysitter's Club. My sister even posted a "Babysitter's Club Award" on my facebook this morning! haha!). I've always loved Victorian and Edwardian fashions (I was greatly influenced by my American Girl Doll, Samantha and I wanted so badly to wear her pretty little frocks as a girl. I also had a dream of owning nine pairs of jeans at one time so...), but something about them really appeals to me right now. The simplicity, the elegance, the romantic touches, they all just sound so incredibly lovely! When I saw this image today I immediately wanted to run to a mirror and play with my hair. Now that it's long enough to do something to it I've been playing with twisting it and curling it, and pinning it and whatnot. I can't wait until my hair is longer!
I think I do incorporate a bit of that Vicorian romance into my wardrobe already, but I'd like to do more. My sister and I were talking last night and she told my that my Brother-in-law described me the other day as being a Victorian Porceline Doll and an Acoustic Guitarist. It made me laugh!
Tonight Bri, Michael and I are thinking about seeing Young Victoria so I'm sure that will only further my new obsession. I have it on great authority that the movie (and costumes!) is fabulous! Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Image from the lovely Ginny Branch Stelling. Her blog is one of the most beautiful places you'll find on the internet!

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  1. Ooh, those are lovely hair styles! My favourite is the one on the almost top left, with the turban wrapped around the bun. Must try!
    Aww, I loved the American Girl dolls... I had Molly when I was little, and I totally agree about how influential those dolls were. I know those dolls had a big part in my growing up with a love for vintage. It's so sad they're discontinuing so many of the historical dolls now...