March 27, 2010

Hair Tutorial!

I made a video! A video of how to do this hair style! I know! Anyways I hope you guys find it helpful. I tried to be short and quick and as a result ended up sounding like an airhead, so yeah, I'm not an airhead (well mostly). Anyway, Enjoy! I'm off to finish cleaning my room!


  1. Cute tutorial! I really like the hairstyle, it's so pretty. And you don't sound like an airhead at all - you did great! :)

  2. That is a great tutorial! Thanks for doing that, I am totally going to be rocking that hairstyle some time soon. I am relieved to know that it was just regular braids and not french braids because for the life of me I can't seem to french braid my own hair :)

  3. Sarah- Aww thanks! I'm convinced about 99% of the time that I sound like an airhead anyways so... haha!

    Abby- Why thank you! And worry not I cannot french braid worth crap. I try, and try and try, and always end up begging my mom to do it!