March 29, 2010

Monday Inspiration #35: Sew, So

Okay guys, anyone who wants the 80 degree weather we're having right now is welcome to it! It is waaaaaay too hot! Today marks the second sunburn of the year. I got it on my arm while driving 2 miles to get lunch. Sigh. The hazards of being pale in So. California...

Anyways this current heat wave has made me step back from my wardrobe and take serious look at it. I own a total of two sundresses. 2. and I live (for the next few months at least) in So. California. I remember owning more at one time last summer, but they seem to have disappeared. Also I noticed my wardrobe is very hap-hazard, higglty-pigglty, a modge-podge, whatever you want to call it, their is no cohesiveness to it. Not that I really think a wardrobe needs to be so very cohesive, but I think you need to have a healthy ratio of skirts ( I own 20 (shhh)) to blouses (I own six). So I think I need to really edit my wardrobe. I have alot of stuff I don't wear for various reasons: too tight, to big, not weather appropriate, not life appropriate, just dang ugly but I can't seem to get rid of it... I have attachment issues when it come to clothes (don't even get me started on shoe).

To top all this off, my spending is still waaaaaay out of control. Granted I don't remember the last time I bought newly manufactured clothing (actually I do. It was December and Anthropologie and the dress was on sale for $30. Totally justifiable right?), and I pretty much only buy my things from thrift or vintage shops, but still I'm spending too much. I've never been good with money. It seems the minute I get any, I've already spent it, which is really bad considering I am moving on my own in a few months and will have to be self supporting. So my wardrobe and pocket book both need a little TLC.

But not all is lost. See, in addition to hoarding clothing, I also hoard fabric. I also know how to sew, and have made a point to stretch my sewing abilities and become a better seamstress. So (and we're coming to the point!) I have been looking at vintage sewing patterns for a little inspiration. I just happened to find a whole army of pretty sun dress patterns that I am dying to get my hands on. So here are some of the pretty things I'm ogling at today. I can't wait to get started on them!

Spring Dress1


Spring Dress 2

Spring Dress 3

Spring Dress 4

Sailor Girl

Spring Dress 5

Spring Dress 6

Spring Dress 7

Spring Dress 8

Spring Dress 9

Spring Dress 10

Spring Dress 11

Spring Dress 12

All images from the Vintage Sewing Pattern Wiki

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