June 25, 2010

Dear Shop Ruche,

Dear Ruche,
Sometimes I go to Anthropologie. Whenever I do, I fall in love with something that is beyond my pocketbook and end up leaving with a low hung head. On occasion I find something in the sale section that is within my means and it brings joy to my little heart. I tell you this because until I discovered your little shop, I did not believe that there was a way for me to procure pretty, dainty, lovely things while maintaining my strict no credit card rule. But I can, infact, buy your lovely almost Anthropologie-esqu items and still have money for gas. It's is a win-win situation, and I am forever grateful.

Of course, this does mean that I need to be careful because I may just end up spending my entire paycheck in your shop before I know it. Especially since you have about 50 pairs of shoes that I want. But I'm going to be smart and only buy the things that I know are both practical and going to be used alot. Like these amazing bird/music note earrings that may be on their way to me.
Or this amazingly wonderful necklace.
Or this pretty necklace.
Or this necklace that I may have just bought.
Or this amazingly beautiful headband.
Or this beautiful bow that I didn't buy because I am going to make a knock-off.
Or these absolutely gorgeous sunglasses.
Or this bow that I am also going to totally knock off

Or these shoes that are totally out of my dreams (and that I didn't buy because my size is out of stock :-( ).
Or maybe these shoes that scream Roman Holiday. In short, I love your shop. I'm so very glad we've met. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
With all my love,


  1. OH MY GOSH.
    we are the same because I love ALL of that. ALLLLLL of it. Gah! visiting the shop...NOW.

  2. Dear Ashley:

    My boyfriend hates you.

    I love you, at least for the enabling.

    All the best,

    (great blog btw)

  3. Charissa- I know. It's my new happy place

    Ducky- I'm glad I could help! Thanks for the comment! Welcome!