June 28, 2010

My life right now

Too tired to talk (I am apparently very quiet today. Really I just have alot on my mind.) So here's what my life looks like right now.


After four hours of dancing....
After four hours of dance rehearsal. Yeah.

I readily await the day the FDA stops picking on Kombucha! I need this stuff!

Sheet Music

More Sheet Music.

And even more sheet music
Sheet Music.

An attempt at standing pincurls
I attempted standing pin curls. They came our pretty well-ish

Summer Reading
Rehearsal reading.

Good Morning Baltimore
One of the dance numbers I managed to escape from being in.

There's more sheet music where this came from

Old Character Shoes.
I need new Character shoes

Dance Wear
So I've resorted to keds

Sigh. I needed a dress to wear to a wedding. I made one. I tried it on with the outfit and found that I looked waaaaay too casual. So I ran out to Joann's and bought new fabric and made a new dress. I had about 24 hours to do it. It was wearable... It was okay, but I think I bit off more than I could chew.

Dress I had to make for the wedding after I found out my original dress wasn't going to work.
Don't judge my tired, ugly face. This was around 5:30p and I'd been sewing since 11:00a
Of course I didn't think to get a picture of me at the wedding, or even the finished product. There is a big satin bow at the waist by the way.

But all's well and I got to see my friend Lauren who I never get to see but once a year! We've seen each other twice so far!

Center Peice
The wedding was beautiful! These were the pretty center peices! Glittered candle holders! brilliant!

Friend's Wedding Cake
And the cake, which I never got a peice of. I was told it was excellent though!
I have rehearsal tonight. I'm tired and busy in the head. Should be interesting.


  1. well I hope you get some rest Miss Ashley, take care of yourself okay? =)