March 2, 2011


As I said in this post, I am not an expert music reviwer or critic, but I have been wanting to incorporate my love of music more into this little blog. So here again for your reading pleasure, is another band I love.

Hjaltalin is a seven piece band hailing from Iceland. I know. If that didn't make them cool enough to begin with, they consider themsleves to fall in the genre of Chamber-Pop. They are probably the only group in this genre, but holy cow I love them. Seriously, their music is absolutely amazing. I. Love. Every. Song. The group fuses catchy pop lyrics and melodies with orchestrated backgrounds. There is also a very definite Scandinavian feel to the music. I honestly cannot say enough good things about this group. They combine so many good things and have created a unique sound that is missing in the world of music. I promise not to schpiel too much here, but honestly modern music has lost so much art. It's become nothing more than a bordello, pumping out dime-a-dozen musicians just to feed the poulation's media whoring minds. There's no though, no feeling, no labour in the majority of music written today (I am speaking mostly of mainstream music). What I love about Hjalatin is that they bring back some of the ancient art of making music. They utilize the tools left by our musical forebearers and instead of labeling it as "old fashioned" and irrelevant, they re-vamp it. Of course music is going to change as society changes, but that doesn't mean we should ignore the foundations laid by those greats before us. Okay now I'm off my soap box. :-)

But honestly even if their music stunk, I would still love looking at photos of the group. The style of each member is as unique as the music. My mom is convinced that Sigridur, who does vocals, is my doppleganger, and while I am nowhere near being as awesomely cool as she is, I take that as a very big compliment!

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