May 5, 2011

Summer Lovin'... Or not.



Bag- Thrifted
Shoes- Target
Earrings- Vintage, Church rummage sale

Don't be fooled by my charming and beguiling smile. It's hot. I hate that. I feel like I have weather senior-itis. "Only four more months! Four more months! Then I will be rid of this damnable heat forever!" Then I put my hand to my forehead and pretend to faint from heat exhaustion while my family ignores me and goes about their business. The same thing happens every year. I mean, it's just obscene for it to be 74 degrees at 11:00am. I'm not looking forward to when it's 80 degrees at 9am, but that's still a month off. I'm really trying to like summer. I have all these grand plans for summer, clothes I'll make and wear, places I'll go. I want my "last" summer here to be a truly "Californian" experience. I'll go surfing in the morning, eat at In-N-Out in the afternoon, and spend the evening at Disneyland. I'll wear my huaraches with a bushy-bushy-blonde hair-do, and dig a French bikini (not really). There will be drag races, and Ice Cream socials, and Frankie Avalon will sing me a song while I try to make his hair move. But in reality, it is just hot, and I do not like it. It makes me cranky, hot, and just a tad bitter. But I am sucking it up, wearing my favourite dress of the moment, some sandals, and the bag I will be buried with. My hair is out of the way, and I've got a giant bottle of water with me. My arms are sunblocked, bug bites are covered in medicine, and if the sun even thinks about turning me pink, I will punch it in the face. I am prepared for this thing they call summer, and by George, it will not defeat me!




  1. I'm absolutely loving that beautiful dress! The straw bag is just perfect, too. And thanks for the reassurance about South Riding! Totally in agreement over that red suit!

  2. i also hate the heat... and the cold. there's only about six weeks all year when i'm not bitching.

  3. I am totally with you on hating the heat!! I moan all summer and people call me miserable. But I love the winter, the cold and the snow!! I can't imagine living through the weather you have - I hate the English summer heat I live in!!