May 26, 2011

What Would Daisy Wear?


I think I mentioned it earlier, but my sister and I are planning a going away/birthday party with a 1920's theme. Specifically it's a Great Gatsby theme. While our imaginations grossly out shine our budget, we are trying to make the event as spectacular as can be, which means a lot of making things ourselves. So there is no guarantee that I'll get the floating lights in the pool, or moon and stars photobooth, or even the Japanese lanterns, but it's been fun to come up with near ridiculous ideas! We're still in the planning phase as it won't be until August, but we figured we'd probably better get a move on with planning now. Mostly because we are expert procrastinators.

As we all know, all I can think about is what I (and others) will wear. I think once long ago, deep in the archives of this blog that I probably deleted, I went on and on about my love of 1920's fashion. I really do absolutely adore it all! The glitz and glamour are far from my norm, but it's a fun indulgence. BUT! I am adamantly against fringed flapper dresses. I mean seriously people, the amount of dresses in the 20's that actually had fringe is a very small amount. Of all the decadent embellishments dresses in the 20's had, we've chosen Fringe as the iconic one? Don't get me started on the elastic sequin headband with a stupid feather popping out of it. Oh my gosh that is one of my biggest pet peeves. And everyone who I've told about this party's theme has said "oh! So we get to wear dresses with fringe!" Thusly I have decided to include a fringed dress ban on the invitations. Seriously. But I also started a Pintrest board that we'll link to for help with the guest's attire. Most of my friends are pretty lame in the dressing up department (I still love you guys, but it's true), so I am taking matters into my own hands. Which makes me sound insane, but most of you already know that. Plus I will probably toss anyone in a fringe dress into the pool. My pet peeves may be ridiculous, but they burn with intensity ;-)

Despite my strong opinions about fringe, I have no idea what I am going to wear. 1920's clothes look tragically awful on me. The whole drop waist-sack thing does nothing for my figure. I need a waist. Like really need a waist, or I just look dumpy. Which has made my costume searching very difficult. Very few frocks from the 20's have a waist at the natural waist, which is what I really need. Through my searching I happened up on this dress from Eva Dress (second photo below). I really like it! I think the cut would be rather flattering, and look! A waist! I also really like the simplicity of the actual dress. Easily dressed up or down, but still an interesting construction. I like the idea of a yellow dress for a summer's evening lawn party, but yellow tends to be a hard colour for me to wear. I have to find just the right shade, and that usually proves a very hard thing to do. When I saw the first image below I kind of fell in love with the light blue (a colour I pull off very well!). But I love the crimson example as well. Another dress I'm looking at is this one (the site won't let you copy the images). I think it's the funky skirt that drew me in, but I'm not sure I really like it for me.

Eva Dress has some other pretty dresses as well, but all would require some grading, which I'm not too thrilled about, but the dresses are stunning! Particularly this one (below). Oh my goodness, I love it! Though I think the first one is honestly more of what I am looking for, so I am kind of still debating.  In the end I will probably go with the first dress and just embellish it to add a little pizazz. I recently bought this book which has instructions on how to make some 20's style floral accents. 

I also have plans for some fun shoes (which I am hand rhinestone-ing. Yes you read that right. I started this project last year, and well, they aren't done, but now I have an excuse.), and accessories. I really want to make a pretty headpiece (that does not consist of elastic sequins and a feather), but I'm still trying to decide what I want exactly. But I am really excited for this! I'm looking forward to releasing my inner Daisy Buchanan (and I just learned to Charleston too)!

So which pattern get's your vote? Which do you think is befitting a Gatsby Girl?


  1. Love these inspirations! The idea of a Gatsby themed party sounds like so much fun. The last style of dress is one of my favourite 1920s silhouettes. Lovely!

  2. I have yet to read Gatsby shame on me, but I love the fashions! I really like the Red/Yellow dress from Evadress!