July 8, 2011

Oregon Day Three

Apologies for the lack of posts this week. I'm trying to play catch up with work and life and time seems to have gotten away from me. Plus it's been so dang hot that I don't really want to do much of anything! But here is my day three re-cap.

Thursday was our lazy day due mostly to the fact that we slept in super late. I'd only had about 6 hours of sleep in the previous 48 hours and was totally wiped! It was mid day by the time we left our hotel. The day before had been murder on my feet (not wearing those shoes when I have to walk 3+ miles again!) so I took it easy and wore tennis shoes! I recently realized that I have become tennis shoe crazy! I've got like five pairs now, and I have rarely worn them in the past. Weird.





Anyways, we started out by getting something to eat at what quickly became our favourite eatery. This place was awesome! The food was excellent, service was great, and the decor was very fun (and I forgot to take pics of it!). It's pretty much a sports bar/restaurant/brewery and everything is decorated in OSU paraphernalia, including some photos of the various sports teams through the years. My favourite were the pictures of the women's sports teams from the 1920's!  Super cute! And the food! holy cow guys, so good! We had a crab and artichoke dip appetizer, I had the grilled chicken mozzarella pesto sandwich on chibatta (with a cup of their homemade clam chowder (which honestly wasn't the best I've ever had, but I am a clam chowder snob. That said, it was very good and incredibly fresh!), and Bri had the surf and turf burger, which was a burger with crab and shrimp atop the burger patty. I know. So good! And we had some of their home brewed beers too. I got an IPA that was good, but a little biter for my tastes, but Bri got one called Summer Session that was delicious! Such a good place!



We walked around town for a bit while we waited for my grandparents to get in. Corvallis is wonderful. I seriously love the place! The shops are charming, the people are so nice, and everything is just so cheery. The downtown area was so stinking cute!  When my grandparents arrived we met them for coffee and talked for a  good long time then headed to dinner. I'm really sad that I didn't get any pics of the place we had dinner, but I'm not sure my grandparents would have totally understood my ridiculous need to document everything for my blog. We ate at a seafood place that was just beautiful! The walls were big cinder blocks covered in cement and painted a really pretty blue-green. Each of the nooks and crannies of the texture had been filled in with gold paint so the walls shimmered! We had a really nice dinner and the food was outstanding! I told Bri on our way home that I feel like all we did on our trip was eat one thing after another, but there was so much good food around!




Scarf and ring- Vintage, thrifted
Cardigan- Target
Earrings and bracelets- World Market
Top- H&M
Bicycle Race Romper- Made by me
Bag- Gift from Bri
Chucks- Thrifted (word.)




After my grandparents left we wondered the town some more and found one of the two Starbucks in Corvallis. That closed at 9pm at the latest. I guess when every corner has an independent coffee shop/brewery Starbucks becomes superfluous! And let me tell you, I did not have a bad cup of coffee the whole trip. I felt like Dale Cooper every time I had a cup. "Damn fine coffee!"




One thing about being in Oregon is that I was suddenly not the whitest person around. Although when I was getting my ID the girl taking photos told me she figured I was from California because I was "on my cell phone and really tan..." I'm not sure she knows what being tan actually is... The point is that the whole town is filled with lots of very white people. Very white people who share my heritage. Who also share a last name. We were a little more than excited to see this sign, though it probably is a relative because they are all inbred and never left the state. My dad likes to say that he left Oregon so he didn't marry a cousin. Because I went to a wedding when I was 10 for some relatives who were cousins. My grandparents could sit on the brides side, but my grandmother's sister could sit on either side, and my grandfather's brother could sit on either side... It was weird. Why am I moving there again?


I love this picture so much.

The last place we went before heading back to our hotel was the Book Bin. Which was an awesome book store! When Bri and I were looking up things to do in Corvallis, the Book Bin was always at the top of the list. It wasn't a huge store, but had a lot of cool stuff. They sell new and used books so there was some funny little books in every section. The attack cat cracked me up thought!




 We went back to our hotel and chilled, watched some more Syfy, and Conan (who is my driving soul mate.) Then we went out to a fancy bar down the street for some late night bites. Very good food, but not my kind of scene. I did have a cocktail that was really good, but I can't remember the name of it. (And no, not because of the cocktail.)
Another wonderful day!

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