September 21, 2011

Autumn Favourites

Hello lovelies, I'm Sarah of Garters and Stockings. The lovely Ashley asked me to be a part of this guest post series and I was absolutely honoured to take part. I've been a long time reader so I felt so blessed and excited that she'd ask me to partake. It made it even easier to say yes once she told me the theme.

Here in Toronto, Canada the weather is gradually becoming colder and our days are slowly becoming shorter. The smell of the air is beginning to change and its beginning to look a lot like fall. As much as I'll miss summer, the longer nights and trips to the beach, I cannot wait to start dressing for fall and enjoying the benefits of cold, cozy weather.

Holidays with Family and Friends
When I think autumn two specific occasions come to mind; Thanksgiving and Halloween. Being that I live in Canada, the holidays are so close together and I'm always excited to celebrate each of them. I'm someone who is easily entertained by holiday festivities, even if I've never really had the chance to celebrate them properly. I cannot help but to be overwhelmed by the allure of thanksgiving and the magic of Halloween. This year everything is coming so quickly and I'd hardly hate to see it go by but I will admit that I'm already planning my Halloween costume and the best possible outfit to eat in for Thanksgiving. 

Pumpkin Spice Latte
I feel a bit silly admitting that I only realized this actually existed until this year. I've been missing out on such a delicious, soothing beverage for years! Something about this hot treat makes it easier to welcome the shorter days and colder weather. Knowing I can grab this delicious pumpkin spice flavoured beverage helps relax me. As silly as this might sound, I enjoy playing out the scenario of getting dressed when I make a point of buying this drink. I imagine myself in my favourite red trench coat, a basic black jersey dress, mustard tights, a cheetah print scarf wrapped around my neck and a pair of my favourite heels to carry me over to Starbucks. I'll sit in front of my computer or even just stare out the window as I can see the season changing in front of me and be reminded of all the things I love about autumn when I take each sip. It truly is my favourite way to welcome fall.

The Scenery
Don't get me wrong, I adore summer scenery. I absolutely love being in my backyard looking up at the big, green trees and taking it all in but autumn is simply breathtaking. There is something so magical about seeing the leaves change right in front of your eyes and waiting for the them to fall from the trees. There is so much inspiration that comes from looking outside of my window and seeing the colour palette of oranges, greens and yellows. I'm instantly reminded of being a child and how exciting the time of year always felt. I'm someone who is very much effected by my mood and environment and even though the shorter days takes its toll on me an even bigger part of me cannot help but be completed consumed by my surroundings.

Fall 2011 Fashion
With every season comes a new fashion trend and I will be the first to admit that I end up disagreeing with a lot more than I like but I have never been more excited for fall fashion. Fall/Winter 2011 lines have been premiering since mid-August and there is a reoccurring colour palette; mustard, purple and cheetah print. I never, ever thought I'd be the one to be taken by cheetah anything, in fact my older sister has been a fan for years but I seldom like anything she had with the design but this year something has changed within me. Maybe I'm just being influenced or maybe I'm beginning to see just how well mustard, purple and cheetah print go together. I can see myself adding a pair of plum tights to a basic black dress, throwing on a mustard scarf and grabbing a cheetah print clutch to add something extra. The thing I love about these three colours/prints is how much even one of them adds to what would be a basic outfit. I simply cannot get enough this fall and I'm so glad there is an endless supply of mustard, purple and cheetah print in stores now. This girl is going to shop until she drops!

In short, I'm over the moon about the coming season. I have so much planned and so much anticipation for the months to come. There's something refreshing about leaving the summer and coming into a new season. It feels almost brand new and in my case, it feels exciting and appreciated. I could really go on about all of the things I love about autumn but naming just some of my favourite things will have to do for now. Thanks again to Ashley for allowing me to get sentimental and cheesy on her blog! 


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