October 28, 2011

A Blast from the Past

Today I am off on a choir retreat! We'll be in Washington State until Sunday and I am rather excited (mostly about how many Twin Peaks refferances I can make in one weekend)! Funny the last time I went on a choir retreat was four years ago and the day after I got back was really the start of my journey here. So I have high hopes that this one will only help me continue on in this new phase of life, and involve fewer car accidents...

Back then I had this nifty little feature that I was far too lazy to keep up (just like all my features...) called Three Days In... where I made three outfits I'd wear while somewhere. I posted one for a trip to the mountains back then to coincide with my own trip {original post} and I decided to update these a bit to reflect my current tastes. With a few exceptions, the old ones aren't too terribly bad (save the denim mini skirt... eek!)

Outdoor Autumn

Indoor Autumn

Autumn Party

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  1. very cool! i love it all. i love the boots you picked out and all of the colours. very pretty vintage styles