January 10, 2012

First Day Blues


Can we please discuss the fact that my room didn't come with a full length mirror, but the bathrooms in the lecture hall does...
Coat- Vintage
Cardigan- Target
Dress- Vintage
Belt- Target
Tights- gift from my parents
Flats- Walmart of all places
Brooch- Vintage
Boots- (below) Nine West via Nordstrom Rack, gift from my parents
Beret- (below) Vintage

If we did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.
-Thomas Edison

This is gonna be a doozy of a term. I'm going to have to keep reminding myself of that quote there.  I keep writing really long posts about the inner working of my brain/heart/psychosis and then deleting them. There is a lot I'd like to discuss here. I'd like to yammer and muse, but I kinda feel like no one really wants to read about my poor little self, and I'd really like to not look any stupider than I do on a daily basis. I have some strong feelings about California I'd specifically like to discuss, so maybe we'll do that one of these days. Maybe.


Alright fashion historians, here's the question, I bought this dress off etsy. It was listed as a 60's dress. The print is very 60's to me, but doesn't the cut seem way more 40's? So is this a case of mis-dating, or was there some lady in the 60's who was a head of her time and made a dress out of "modern" fabric but used a "outdated" pattern? Or am I totally off?

Well that is blurrier than I thought. Dumb phone.

My hair got progressively bigger throughout the day.

Thanks Mama and Daddy!

See, my hair was cute. Then it rained.

This was my snack before my health class. I appreciated the irony.

My notebook is cooler than anyone else's notebook ever.
Also I went to write yesterday's date and wrote 1/9/10. I was off by two years. 
Brain collapsing.

What do you do when you're bogged down with the thoughts in your head? 

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