January 11, 2012

Good Day, Sunshine



Blouse- Thrifted
Skirt- Made by me
Cardigan- Target
Scarf- Gift from my Nana
Socks- Gift from my parents (proof of being an adult is getting a crap ton of socks for Christmas.)
Boots- Vintage, thrifted
Pencil Brooch- Vintage, found at the Pasadena Flea for $5!

Isn't it funny how the day after a particularly bad one usually seems to pick up? Maybe it's a mental thing, or maybe the odds really do turn in your favour, but yesterday ended up being pretty ace. My rehearsal went mostly well. Except for the part that I discovered I actually sang in the night before. Turns out my sight reading has much improved! And I got a possible job offer! A sewing job nonetheless! I have to go check it all out today between classes, but finger's crossed!! (prayers/good vibes are much appreciated!) I even went to the gym, and finished my homework before my bedtime! So all's well that ends well!


How cool is this brooch! Especially for $5! I find this is particularly helpful to have when marking all the places you screwed up on your dumb mellismatic runs. Which sounds like a medical condition but is actually just Mozart being a jerk face and writing about eighty 16th notes all above the staff line. Mozart, what a douchebag. :-)

I still apologize for the phone pics. Godspeed to my camera.

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