January 9, 2012


So last term it was just the mushroom. Today a frog appeared. I figure that by June there will be a whole mini-forest on my door. And why they needed to put my name up twice is a mystery to me.

You know those people you see in the airport who have like, one bag and really neat hair, and some sort of scarf tied neatly round their throat? I am not one of them. I am a big hot mess at the airport. I try really hard not to be, but it's inevitable. I'm the jerk with about six bags, pulling my laptop out, wearing lace-up boots, and about 10 layers of clothing. I am not one of these people (don't click the link if you are offended by strong language, but it is truly hilarious!), but I am also not someone who flies in perfect minimalist style. I come off planes looking like I just ran a marathon while giving birth. It's not pretty.

Welcome Home Banner from Gracie and Fraser.


At least I am a cute bear.

the colouring is off, but this pretty perriwinkle yarn was a Christmas gift from my sister's Mother-in-law along with a Jane Austen knitting book!

While my flight back to Corvallis was nowhere near as ridiculous as my flight to California (which I realize I never told you about, but believe me, it was one of the most weird/strange/and almost horrific 24 hours of my life. Yes I realize it's a 2 hour flight from Portland to Long Beach. Yes, it was a 24 hour horror story.), it did have it's share of my running around like a buffoon with a broken suitcase. So while I was running from one floor of the airport to another on Friday I came to the conclusion that I seriously need to streamline my entire life. As anyone who has ever come into my bedroom, seen my purse, or just about anything else I own, I always have so much "stuff." I don't ever plan on being a minimalist because I do like "stuff," but there has to be a line drawn. Especially when you live in a cracker box they call a dorm room.  

New desk area

Easiest photo garland ever. Twine, tacks, paperclips, et voila!



Each season I try to do a clean out of junk and things that have become useless over the past few months. After my airport fiascoes I felt this was very much in order. I decided that it would be a perfect opportunity to deep clean and rearrange everything too. My back in aching, my mind is numb, I never want to live in a place with linoleum ever again, but my room looks fantastic! I am still in denial that classes actually start again tomorrow, but alas, they do. This is going to be a crazy busy term for me and I am still trying to figure out what kind of blogging schedule I can keep, but in the meantime, I am a contributor on The Sew Weekly this year! You can check out my post here. I don't think I will be able to get this week's challenge done, but I am hoping to find a bit of time.

Coffee, Books, and Music. Yep. That's my life.

So, 1. I never told you guys about my chenille bedspread, but my parents found in New York for cheap and it was the exact colours I was looking for. We're fairly sure it belonged to a Hobo before it got sent to the vintage shop my mom found it in, because it took four washings before it was clean. Then I sanitized it. 2. This dress cost me $15 at the Pasadena Flea Market in December. The lady claimed it was the dress of Mae West's maid, but it has a tag inside from a costume rental shop in Hollywood that has a name on it. I can't read the first name (it looks like it might be a Spanish name), but the last name is Cole. Who knows the truth, but I still think it makes a beautiful decoration.


Black and Whites

Bri Made this pillow for Christmas! Warms my heart everytime I see it!



Finally listened to my mom and put up my shoe rack under my bed. So. Much. Easier. 
Mama still knows best.


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