February 27, 2012

From the Archives

When I was home for Christmas my mom found an old SD card that her computer wouldn't read. I put it in mine and was happily surprised to find a wealth of horrific photos from '04-'05, my senior year of high school. I've wanted to do posts on things I wore in the past that were not so stellar, and these gave me the perfect opportunity! Granted most of these are just of my face (it was the era of the 'Myspace Angles'), but they are legitimately pretty hilarious!

Beatles shirt from Target and my super classy "Harry Potter Earrings" (they had a lightning bolt in the middle of them.). I had no idea how to wear makeup, thought I was a total badass, but I had nice eyebrows...

The young people in the Gianni Schicci cast. I sang Loretta and we set it in the 50's. 
It was a dark time in my life...

Note the classy braid...

Okay I had to add this one of Bri and Charissa. Bri was the consumate beach bum girl, and Charissa (as she says) had heinous eyebrows.

This is actually from 2006.
Sarah's 12 year old boy phase...

Summer of '05.
On my way to Mexico for a mission trip. I was the original hipster...


This t-shirt was my favourite. Dying my hair black was a bad idea. This face is unfortunate.

Senior Formal... yeah.

This was also from my senior formal. The formal part was so bad we decided to go to the beach afterwards to makeup for it.  I think these pictures were an attempt to catch Charissa leaping over me. We apparently never succeeded in getting a picture of this...

I seriously though that sweatshirt made me so badass...

More Mexico. I got so sunburned. I actually got 2nd degree burns on my ears and had to wear bandannas the rest of the trip to protect them

I suppose you could say this was my first true DIY. I had my friends write things on these as well, then coloured them in with sharpies and glitter glue. I was the coolest kid on my Mexico trip.

More Mexico. We were building houses. I was really good at supervising. (but really I did do most of the work on that trip. The kids on my team were ridiculous.)

Just.. yeah.

2005 on the way home from Mexico.
Yes I did have feathered hair.
I wore this cowboy hat to my formal too. 
After I took this picture I sat on a ceramic step that I didn't know was broken.
I fell as the step crumbled beneath me and was worried I had broken it with my "Massive Butt."
For the rest of High School I was called "Massive Butt." It was actually hilarious.

I think this was an attempt to document the healing of my sunburn.

Of course when we got home from Mexico I got to meet this little lady who was born while Bri and I were away. Almost 7 years later I still think she's pretty great.

Also it just dawned on me that I am three years from being out of high school for 10 years. 
I feel old.
Maybe this series isn't such a good idea...

Are your "archives" this silly?

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