February 21, 2012

Having a Camera is Nice.

Little gifts that make me smile. Especially the pepparkake and Elder-flower and Orange Marmalade. Mmmm!

Sweets from the sweet! My mother really likes creative valentines. Grace's (lollipops) says "you can count on me when things get sticky," Eric's (the poptart) "you make me pop," and Fraser's (Cereal) "I "cereal"sly like you." Cute, cute! The big box was full of brownies which were quite popular among certain friends of mine (I'm looking at you Fridley).

Oregon Agriculture College's band. 
Wish our band looked this sharp now...

Don't ask about the adult bib...

Spencer, Alicia, and Laurel at rehearsal. Right before Spencer smells my hair, Laurel slaps me, and Alicia pulls my hair and throws me to the ground. Mine is a rather tortured character..

Rain and lights

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIC!!! How the heck are you already fifteen? 

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