February 17, 2012

A "Hi mom!" post

I intended to have a new outfit post for you today, but I came home yesterday with the Flu. So I stayed home from classes today and am resting and finishing a paper. No fun. But this weekend holds the promise of sewing and no commitments! This is the first fully free weekend I've had all term, and boy do I need one!

Speaking of commitments, last weekend Chamber Choir had a concert featuring the music of a Norwegian Born composer. The composer came and, well, it was an interesting few days. This post is mostly for my family I suppose, but here are the pieces we sang. I am honestly not a huge fan of the his music, but there were some nice moments. And overall I think we sounded excellent (there were some issues with the sopranos, but welcome to life as a soprano)! Almost makes up for how awful our dresses are. Almost...

And if you're looking for me I am on the left side of the screen in the second row. Just look for a really white pancake face.

This one was one such piece filled with poor soprano blend. I particularly like the part when we came back in in a totally different key than we were supposed to. And yet we managed to save ourselves... Go us.

The credit for this is wrong, it was actually Alicia Baker playing the accordion. Alicia is amazing!

The girl behind me and I have the biggest voices in our voice group and at the top note of this one you can hear a lovely burst of the two of us belting out that note. I will never understand why they have us next to each other!

If I never have to sing this piece ever again I will have had a successful life.

So there's that. Excuse the lack of interesting subject matter, and if you actually watched each of these videos, then your attention span is much longer than mine because I seriously couldn't wait to get out of that concert!

Hope all of you are in good health

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