March 11, 2012

Imaginary Sewing

(This was supposed to have posted on Friday and I am not quite sure how it didn't!)

I am broker than a joke right now (don't remind me as it has been known to send me into panic attacks that end with me curled in a ball in my toilet cave (don't ask)), but that hasn't stopped my imagination to run wild with thr thought of spring clothes. I realize that Spring in Oregon is not like Spring in California (which is about a week in February), but I really am looking forward to warmer days and light layers. I've also lately been thinking of the practicality of a seasonal wardrobe. I mean, growing up there wasn't such a thing as putting away our "Winter" clothes because I wore summer clothes year round. However I realized this left me very unprepared for my first non-Californian Winter. Clearly I survived, but there are definitely things that will be different next year (like the fact that I am a leggings convert!). So while I don't exactly need any new Spring/Summer clothing, I do need to weed out a few worn out things and replace others that are long gone and dearly missed.

Do any of you remember that dress? Goodness I loved it! It sadly was eaten in the washing machine, but my oh my it is still my favourite dress ever. Best $3 I ever spent! I've been wanting to replace it for a while and bough this New Look pattern to do so, and I finally found an almost perfect fabric to make up in view A! I also have some beautiful floral cotton that I think would be adorable made into view D. I also really like the idea of a blue gingham view B! Apparently shirt dresses are my thing...

I love this new pattern from McCall. I think the view in the top right would be adorable in this print. I also adore the two pink views.

More shirtdresses? But really what is not to love about this dress? The pockets are great and I love the little bow at the waist! So cute! This would definitely be the perfect sundress in this light blue stripe.

My wardrobe is seriously lacking in the fancy dress department. I have one legitimate fancy dress, but I honestly could use another one or two. I'm also weirdly into lace overlays right now and think view 1 of this vintage pattern would be beautiful in this pale blue lace. Plus, perfect Easter dress!

Normally I would not be that drawn to this fabric, but the moment I saw it I though of this new Vintage Vogue pattern. I love the shape of this dress. So pretty!

Alright, laugh all you want, but I always wanted Kirsten's summer dress. Something about the stripes and straw hat just fills my heart with joy. I just really like the cut of the dress too. I think if I made it up in this subtle print it wouldn't be too literal and I could totally get away with wearing it in public!

I have always wanted one of these vacation wardrobes. Where everything co-ordinates and you can mix and match very easily. This was when I go home this summer all I have to do is toss in a few pairs of shoes and my travel wardrobe, and I am good to go! Plus blue gingham makes me happy!

What are you dreaming of sewing up this season?


  1. I have a pink gingham dress from the first pattern in View B! I love it. :) And, oooh, I may have to see if I can find the Vintage McCall's patterns here, yet. I love both!
    -Andi x

    1. How was the fit on the New Look pattern? It's slightly smaller than my measurments, but the fitting looks to be on the larger size anyway. I'm just worried if I enlarge the pattern I'll end up having to take it in! I wish McCalls would re-release some of their vintage patterns! They have some of the best!