March 7, 2012

Winter Wonderland Nightie

Winter Wonderland Nightie: Made by me

Ever since I can remember my parents have given us pajamas on Christmas Eve. A few years back they mentioned they hadn't bought us older girls any and we were all really disappointed, which amused my parents. Since then Bri, Chelsea, and I have all bought our own. Of course, their innagural wear isn't on Christmas Eve these days, but regardless we call them our Christmas jammies. The past two years I've made my own. Last year was a really poorly fitting floral number, this year I went with snowflakes. Cuz I'm a classy, classy dame. 

To be fair when I made these this past December this was incredibly poorly fitting. I also trimmed the seam too much and the seam ended up popping open. The flannel I used also has a tendancy to grow after multiple wears. So the first night or two were fine, but by the third night of wearing it I was practically swimming in the darn thing. This past weekend I finally got around to fixing it! I took in the sides a good three inches, fixed the seam, and added the bow finally. I liked it already, but now I love this nightie!

Excuse my super classy black bra...

I used Butterick  B5653 view A. Definitely will be making it again! The top is self lined, which I love, and also it's cut for people who wear something other than an A cup! I love the idea of babydoll tops, but often there isn't enough room in the bust. This pattern is absolutely perfect though! I realize that the idea of a flannel nightie is kind of an oxymoron, but it is comfy, and cute, and I honestly do not care!

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