March 5, 2012


As anyone who has ever read this blog will know, I went through some really weird phases as a teen. For the most part I dressed like a hippie (and I do mean the no hair washing kind. I don't think I touched shampoo the entirety of Jr. High), but often I went through these odd phases where I dressed a certain way and thought of my self as a certain type of person. There was the Russian Peasant Girl Phase, the Fairy Phase, the Modern Dancer Phase, the Rocker Chick Phase, the Surfer Girl Phase, the (short lived- as in 3 days) Goth Phase, the Glamour Girl Phase, the Art Student Phase,... and more. I am was a weird kid. During the Art Student Phase I became obsessed with Beatniks and would carry around a book of Camus (I never did read it), and somehow this led to an interest in Film Noir. Particularly from the 40's. I never actually watched any, but I googled titles and would not so subtly drop them into conversation. Yes, I was the original Hipster. But that's not the point.

I really love crime shows/movies/novels. Mystery and intrigue, tall, dark, and handsome men, femme fatales, seedy underworlds and nefarious bad guys (preferably in a three piece suit)... I adore it! So once I grew up and stopped being quite so pretentious and precocious, I did actually start watching Film Noir and I fell in love. Occasionally the mood will strike and I get a ridiculous need for danger and mystery. So yesterday I spent the whole day cleaning and watching 1940's Film Noir on Netflix.
Then this happened.

Dress- Vintage, Q's Daydream on Etsy
Flower- H&M?
Stockings- Vintage, hand-me-down from my mom
Shoes- Thrifted (they're actually navy blue, the power of shooting in black and white!)

I don't think a person alive would ever describe me as a femme fatale, and my wardrobe doesn't contain anything particularly suiting for one, but it is fun to play around with my closet.

I am really, really good at damsel in distress though...

And a part of me desperately wants to get involved in some sort of jewelry heist/international spy plot/dark murder mystery. Of course, I'm the good girl who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. And the hardened Detective (also in a three piece suit) will at first be irritated by my supposed stupidity, but soon he falls madly in love with me and will stop at nothing to clear my name and protect me. There will be a shoot out at the docks, I'll be held at gun point, but then I stab the bad guy with a knife Detective Handsome gave me. We'll declare our undying love for each other and leave the harsh reality of New York for a farm in the country.

Hey, a girl can dream...

In other news, completely ignore my bangs. Once I find the punk who kicked my door as I was cutting them, I will exact my revenge, but until then, just pretend they aren't there...

Happy Birthday Mama!!


  1. you are so beautiful and i adore these photos!!


  2. Thank you, sweetie! Love the pictures!

  3. I think the bangs were a happy mistake! They look intentional, and very cute.