May 24, 2012


Headband- Made by Erica
Tank and Cardigan- Mine
Skirt- Made by me for Erica
Shoes- Erica's DIY

Erica has been over the last few days working on some craft/sewing projects. She's been telling me for a few weeks about a skirt she had envisioned and bought the fabric for it last week. She designed the thing herself and I constructed it from Tuesday-Wednesday. We finished it Wednesday before she headed off to go Ballroom Dancing. The skirt was super simple, pattern free. There is a nude lining and two layers of lace, one cream and the other a very pretty peachy-pink. Each layer is two rectangles, all of them stitched together and then a casing at the top and an elastic waistband. Super easy. Working with that many layers was a bit of a challenge at first, but in the end the skirt came out really cute. We've got three other projects we're working on that I'll show you when we're done.

This is my favourite picture from the bunch!

We decided to have a little photoshoot but due to the rain decided to keep it in my apartment complex. Yes, I live in this weird green-blue building. It's a nice quite complex and we have a pool so I think that mostly makes up for the awful colour. But it actually looked really cool against her pale skirt. We both had been talking about how inspired we have been by Ballet inspired clothes of late. And Erica's skirt is a perfect way to bring a tu-tu into the real world. 

How cute are Erica's DIY shoes? She got some shoe glue and a pair of flats she already had, added a piece of suede to the back, cut holes, and laced some ribbons through et voila! The bottom of these pictures shows the lace layers a little better. I love the blush-y colour pallet Erica picked!

(all my clothes are so big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Erica changed before heading out to go dancing. She borrowed my OSU jacket since she forgot  blouse to wear with her skirt. But we both really love the way the skirt looks dressed down with some cute sneakers.  I think we'll probably be making a few more of these!

I really have been lacking any sewing mojo lately. I keep thinking up projects, but lack of fabric money (not that I need any more fabric!!), and general busyness has left me without much desire to sew. But when Erica asked me to help her with these projects it reminded me of how much I really love sewing. Which is good because I got a job for the summer sewing costumes for the Shakespeare play OSU is putting on this summer (Taming of the Shrew, which is one of my favourites!!)!! I am super excited, and the best part is the other girls in the costume shop with me this summer are two friends of mine (yeah there are only three of us... eep!!). So excited to start!! 

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