June 5, 2012



We had a crazy storm and my hair thought it was Kate Bush. 

Then I played dress-up

I rearranged my room and made some pretty corners that make me smile.

I have fallen in love with Spring in Oregon.

I melted a straw by putting it in my coffee.

I cut my bangs at 1 am. And they turned out pretty well!

I got a little power crazy when given a headset for a play I teched.

Celebrated a birthday party and spent the fifth Sunday in a row at the same restaurant.

Enjoyed some beautiful weather and a braid crown.

Wore sparkly shoe laces in my red keds

Ate chicken soup, drank some tea, wrote, and listened to beautiful music.

Supported the wonderful boys of Outspoken and the beautiful ladies of Divine, the a capella groups.

fell in love with flowers in the rain all over again.

Won a bet because apparently I can flirt is there is free Chipotle on the line.

I seriously love Instagram. You can follow me @YammeringMuse.

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