May 21, 2012

From the Archives

In the Spring of 2007 I went on a Choir tour to New York City. Next Spring I will be doing the same thing. Funny how life does that...

Somewhere in Rockefeller Center
Hat- Bri's
Scarf- gift
Jacket- hand-me-up from Bri
T-shirt- Bri's
Dress- target
Bag- Market in Mexico (a week and a half before this trip!)
Leggings- Bri's
Shoes- Kohls. I still have them 

There aren't many surviving photos of that trip. But I found some on my old myspace page (I don't know why I don't delete that thing!) and laughed hysterically. I seriously thought I was the coolest. I was a bleeding hipster. Funny how life does that...

R2D2 in front of FAO Schwartz! 
Earrings- Market in Mexico
Hoodie- Bri's
Tank top- Probably Target
Bag- H&M (In NYC 2 years earlier!)
Jeans-Jessica's mom actually...
Shoes- Kohls
Bracelets- Both gifts from Bri, one from Chile, one from Betsey Johnson.
Also please take note that I am drinking a Monster energy drink which I started drinking in an effort to impress a boy. The drink was free and they were handing them out in front of the Plaza. This was such a weird trip.

Fountain in Central Park
Everything is from Target except the bag which is from H&M. And yes, that is a giant multi-coloured butterfly on the side of my shirt.

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