June 12, 2012

Barretts and Beavers

While not the best family photo ever, it's a pretty accurate one. (No judging my appearance. I was still deathly ill and singing an Opera more than anyone else in the entire state.)

I just realized I never posted any pictures from when my family visited in April for Magic Flute! The day was unfortunately a short one (since I had to be at the theatre an hour earlier than anyone else to curl my damn hair...), but it was a lovely one! We started out with brunch at my favourite breakfast place (I should mention that most people here take 2 hours to get from Portland, where my fam was staying, to Corvallis. My mom got here in 45 minutes.), did a little shopping downtown, went to the Riverwalk, explored campus (as I obnoxiously sang the Alma Mater at the tops of my lungs (only people in the Choirs know the Alma Mater.)), and then it was time for us to part. I performed a show, and after we all headed out to a late night diner for foods. Before we knew it, it was 3am and they had to head back, and I kinda needed to get up in a very few hours and do it all again. I love that we can pick up right where we left off and go about our crazy shenanigans as if we've never been apart. I am very, very blessed. Who knows when I will see these crazy people again, but I know that whenever that is, we'll go right back to our wonderful old ways.

Brunch. Mama yelling at Eric. Typical.

Grace's cream carton masterpiece. My dad drinks coffee in his cream.

Sophisticated Explorers.

Bri found some Hobo's in a bush!

Let's all notice Eric throwing a stick...

Some Artist made these last fall. My mother couldn't get enough of them, and apparently neither could we...

Everytime I see these pictures I am convinced that one of us is missing and have to do a re-count... Pathetic.

I think we were Owls...?

Familial tree climbing.

Note Gracie's death-grip on the branch...

Eric trying to leap out of a tree into Bri's arms... 

This was as close to co-operation we could get Eric and Grace...

Because clearly Eric just wanted to make out with the statue...

Chelsea found a window to be sadly introspective while Eric played a sad music app her downloaded. 

Chelsea being dyslexic as they make fun of the banners behind the MU.

This is apparently Eric's new thing: his "sophisticated" look...

And here is our Beaver Line. Beaver Line. Beaver. Line. You'll get it eventually. This is my favourite of all the statues on campus. I think you can see why. Benny the Beaver made out of wood... The best reaction to this statue was Bri's:

Last photo stolen from Chelsea. 

What a wonderful day it was. :-)

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