June 8, 2012

And the rain, rain, rain, came down, down, down.

Bow- Thrifted
Earrings- F21
Cardigan- Ann Taylor Loft
Dress Clip- Vintage, Gift from Chelsea
Belt- Target
Dress- made by me
Tights- Gift 
Boots- Vintage, thrifted.

I seriously had the worst hair day ever!

Whoa! An outfit post, crazy I know! I made this dress this week using Butterick 4443 out of this incredibly lovely navy cotton broadcloth. I actually cut it out last August intending to make it up before I left California. I actually think I intended to wear it the first day of classes. Originally I was planning on making some alterations, adding sleeves, a sailor collar, some appliques, but I ran out of fabric. I went back to Joanns and bought some more. Then I realized I bought a different shade of blue(actually the second batch of fabric became the skirt in my header). And by then it was time to pack up my bedroom. -_-. This week I finally got around to making it up. I've made this pattern before but the fit was incredibly poor. If you look at pictures of this one compared to the other one (which seems to have disappeared), it's actually kind of painful! The bust was far too small before, the neckline far too wide (I have to fix tat on every pattern though!), the fit in the tummy was bad... blah, too much to count. On this one I altered the neckline piece before I cut it out to fit better, but didn't bother with the other issues. Luckily I have since lost a bunch of weight. So the tummy fit and neckline are much better. But now the bust is too big. Lol, there's always something right? I should say that the actual bust is fine, it's more the upper part of the bodice that is too big. But it's nice to know I can go down a pattern size at least in the bust! I really do like this pattern, it's fairly easy to put together, and is definitely one of those perfect everyday kind of dresses that you want in every colour and print. I'll have to do a little altering to my pattern (or just buy a new one (yay 99 cent pattern sales!)), but I will definitely be making this up again. Maybe in a crisp white and add the sailor collar to that? Hmmm...

I should tell you not to be fooled by the sunny nature of these photos. We've been having some crazy storms this week!! Lightning, thunder, buckets of rain, it's been fun! I patiently waited for a patch of sunshine to go take pictures and was rewarded about half an hour before I needed to head out. I met Laura and another friend for coffee before we headed off to see the boy's a capella group's final concert of the year. It was a really wonderful concert, tears were shed as we said goodbye to our friends who graduate this year, we laughed at the crazy shenanigans the boys pulled on stage, and huddled together to try and keep dry. The rain started off just misting, but soon turned into a full on downpour! It was crazy!  There were tarps with blankets on the ground for us to sit on, and EZ-Ups to cover us, but every single person left at least partially soaked. My entire backside was soaking and by the time the concert was over my fingers were pretty much numb. Laura and I enjoyed the spectacle immensely! In our worlds a slight misting of rain cancels just about everything, but I guess in Oregon you just tough it out!  But in all honesty it was well worth it. The guys did an amazing job (as did the girls who opened for them!) and it was a wonderful way to spend the last day of the term. 

I've actually got quite a few sewing projects to show you in the coming week. I'm spending next weekend with my friend Abbey and her family at their reunion camping at Trinity Lake so I've been trying to make up a couple lightweight camping appropriate outfits to bring with me. This dress is definitely on the packing list. I have a couple really cute play-suite style outfits that you will be seeing in the next few days.  But for now I am going to curl up on the couch with some UFO TV shows, a steaming bowl of soup, hot coffee, and a blanket. Definitely my kind of Friday night! 

Here's a video from today's concert. This was during the worst of it. We all started laughing because the boys started running around frantically trying to keep the tents down and using whatever clothing they could to cover up the sound equipment. What troopers!

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  1. Really adore this dress! And it's even better than you made it by hand. It makes me want to break out my sewing machine again sometime soon. Too bad this Oregon weather of ours is requiring tights and boots - sunshine would be so nice. Adorable outfit and adorable blog. Always happy to meet another Oregon blogger!