June 18, 2012

Knock Off

I saw this image floating around tumblr last spring (from ASOS) and fell in love with the black and white skirt.Actually I thought it was a dress and determined I needed to make a dress like this. I had some black and white striped cotton and bought a yard or so of black knit jersey and some wide elastic for the waistband and bodice. And it sat in my stash until the end of January.

I started making my version. The skirt was a simple gathered two rectangles of fabric skirt with I attached to the elastic waistband. I didn't really have a pattern that would have worked for the top so I made my own. This is where I got frustrated and it has sat in a pile of UFO's until the weekend before Spring Break. I ended up packing it to take with me to the coast that week, wore it to the Air Museum, washed it when I got home, and it has sat in my closet since. I really do like it. Actually these photos make me like it even more, but for some reason I just tend to glance over it when getting dressed in the morning. in my head it's a lot less flattering so I pass it by. But I think that needs to change, because this really is a very lovely and fun dress to wear. I feel like a ballerina in it, which in  my book is never a bad thing.

Forgive the mess please, that was all the nonsense I hadn't packed yet! I think I brought more with me on this trip than I did when I went back home for Christmas! As I said there was more to our camping trip than meets the eye, but you'll have to wait for Wednesday to find out what. Not everyone has discovered the big secret yet. I ended up tossing this dress in last minute (because I had SO MUCH EXTRA ROOM. Which is a total lie.) and I am pretty happy I did.  Oh and you get to see a peek at my bedroom! I'm hoping to show you a little more next week, but this is definitely my favourite corner, which is good since it's where I sleep each night!

And I am off to continue enjoying my little secret. Don't worry it's killing me not to tell you all right now!!

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