June 15, 2012

Evergreen Air and Space Museum

I just found this post that I never posted! So enjoy while I am camping this weekend!!

Unfortunately my camera battery died so these are all crappy cell phone pictures.

Little known fact: I do not get dizzy. I absolutely love fast, spinning rides at amusement parks (those terrifyingly sketch Flying Saucers, those are my favourite! When I was a kid I'd flip upside down on the little pad you lean on and scare the daylights out of my mother), and I can spin in circles for days without falling over or getting dizzy. My dad is the same way and so are a few of my siblings are as well. My dad informed me when I was little that this weird useless talent could allow someone to become an Astronaut. This was right before we went to some museum back home about flight and space (all I really remember is the boy I had a crush on got me in trouble and I pouted the rest of the stupid filed trip. In case you're wondering, if the boy you like when you're 8 dares you to leap over a bunch of pipes with him, he is not going to do it and will let you just run off by yourself so you get in trouble. Lesson learned). Up until that trip I had it in my head that I was then going to be an astronaut. I was already widely fascinated by Astronomy, so this was definitely my career choice. For about a week. One taste of freeze-dried Ice Cream and the deal was off, but I do still have a soft spot for space related things. So during Spring Break Laura and our friend Jordan, his sister, and I all headed to the Evergreen Air and Space Museums. We ended up spending about 5 hours between the two museums. Jordan began volunteering as a kid there and still does sometimes so he got us in for free, and it was a blast (pun unintended)! It may have also helped that the day was absolutely gorgeous only two days after the Snow-pocalypse of 2012.


Outfit details:
Cardigan- Target
Dress- Made by me, I'll be posting about it next week!
Bag- Van Husen at my grandmother's insistence, turns out it's one of my faves now!
Socks- Target?
Keds- gift from my parents.
I love that there is snow under the solar panels on the roof. So hilarious! 

Cute old Docents 

This was our table at lunch! So cool!!

Death Star!!

Piece of the Berlin Wall. I was having fun pronouncing all the German (Magic Flute warped me forever) and attempting to translate it. Fun and Berlin Wall should not be used in the same paragraph. It was legit super cool to see though.

 Vintage Space Suit!! reminds me of some of the Tomorrowland costumes from the 60's.

I love hoe much like Aliens these space men look...

This is one jet engine thing. It was huge.

Moon Rock.

When I read The Hunger Games, this is what I envisioned all of the hover craft to look like. This is actually a jet hover-craft thing. I am clearly up to date on the technical terms for machines.

Did you know that space rocks are primarily made up of Iron? Well they are, they are also cray-cray heavy. That first one weight like five pounds.

These plaques outside the museum show the solar system. Pluto was still among them. Poor Pluto.

Then we went to the Aviation Museum!

I thought the signs on the bathrooms were adorable

Inside the Spruce Goose!

The Goose herself

Yummy ;-)

They had a ton of WWII era air craft and vehicles which kept me interested for hours!

The radio inside one of the WWII era planes

Well hello there.

Russian Aircraft

My camera couldn't get a full picture of the Spruce Goose. The thing was HUGE!

Beautiful 1920's era commercial airplane. The interior was to die for. Jordan told me after I raved about this one that he knew it would appeal to my Hipster side. -_-...

Nazi Airplane and a model of the Spruce Goose.


The upper level of the museum has a Gun collection and the best view of the Spruce Goose. I am not really very interested in guns, but they had some very beautiful pieces there. The detail on some of the older ones were just amazing! 

If you ever happen to be in Oregon and have a day to kill I definitely recommend the Museum. There is something for everyone and the gift shop is pretty great too ;-)!

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