July 12, 2012

Lemon-Lime Sriracha Chicken

You read that right. Lemon. Lime. Srircha. Chicken. Seriously guys, this is the stuff. I happen to be a big fan of Sriracha, I mean, I'd eat it on ice cream if it were socially acceptable. Whenever I get sick I heap the stuff onto/into anything I eat (soup, toast, pho (I am particularly fond of pho when I am sick)), and whether it's in my mind or not, I instantly feel better. So one night  a few weeks ago I was cooking some dinner. I started with chicken and began throwing in a bunch of stuff I had, and voila, this is what I came up with. You should note that when I cook it isn't exactly an exact science, I'm more of a this looks like it needs more butter, ooooo let's throw in some pepper, kind of cook. But the thing about this recipe is that it is easily adaptable to your taste buds/spice tolerance. And it's made up of ingredients most people always have on hand, plus it's super easy!

You will need:
Chicken Breasts
Sriracha Sauce
Garlic cloves
Lime Juice
Lemon Juice.


Over medium heat I start by adding a bit of butter to my frying pan to melt before I add the chicken. I just do. I like butter. Add the cubed chicken. Next you will crush a few garlic cloves. I like garlic, I usually add four cloves. Then add the lemon and lime juice. Let all this cook until the chicken is nearly cooked through. Then add the Sriracha. Give it a healthy squirt. Mix the Sriracha in and you will notice a little bit of a sauce begin to form. Now add more butter. This does two things, makes you a sauce, and helps cut down the heat of the Sriracha a little (which is helpful if you have added too much!). Find a thoroughly cooked piece of chicken and test the taste. Too spicy, add more butter and lemon and lime juice until it reaches your preferred spice level. Take off the heat and let cool for a few minutes (no more than three our four) to let the sauce thicken. And you are done! 

I love this over white rice! But I've also had it inside a pita. I've also had this with rice, inside a pita (lol I wrote Peeta at first. Yes, I am Hunger Games obsessed.). I'm terribly creative. But I can imagine there would be a myriad of ways you can consume this, in full breast form, in a stir-fry (omg! happening next!), It would probably even be delicious in a salad. Either way this is seriously the easiest most delicious chicken I have ever had. Enjoy!

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  1. Sriracha sauce!! I use it on most of my soup too! Especially pho! I've never tried cooking it with chicken like that though. Interesting! I will have to experiment.