July 9, 2012

Magic Skirt

(Someone needs new bras...)
Blouse-Made by Me
Skirt- Made by me
Earrings- Topshop, gift from Bri
Bangles- Red: Thrifted, Blue & White glass, Garment District cheapy shop 
Espadrilles- Espadrille.com

The other night I went through my clothes.. Oy. Vey. I don't know why every time I do this I expect it to be easy.  Of course this might have more to do with my method. I basically pick one top and try on all the skirts/pants I own, then move on to another top. Maybe not the most efficient process, but effective. I find it helpful in weeding out the things that do and do not work in my wardrobe and also the things I just don't love enough to keep. So far I've got nearly two trash bags full of things to donate and a pretty decent list of items missing from my wardrobe to thrift or make. It was also kind of like shopping my closet, trying on things I forgot I owned, or just tend to pass by. Plus I never pass a moment to play dress-up ;-).

This skirt ended up being a surprise win as far as my wardrobe goes. It matches everything in my closet. No joke! I tired it on with every blouse I own, the printed and the solid, and they all match. It's totally dress-up-able, perfect for casual outfits, and basically has endless outfit possibilities. Definitely a keeper!

This isn't what I wore on the 4th (I did keep it patriotic, just more "I spent the whole day packing" friendly), but anyone who knows me knows that I have a tendency to dress in this pallet several times a week. I guess I just really like them all together. Whenever I am introduced into new groups of people that's one of the first things someone will point out. "Do you know that you wear a lot of red, white, and blue together" No, I get dressed in a cave with no light or mirror. Some people are silly...

On a totally unrelated note, my interwebs will be cancelled sometime in the near-ish future. I've scheduled a few posts over the next couple weeks, but if you are dying to know all my snarky remarks I can't make on my personal page innermost thoughts feel free to like the Yammering Muse Facebook page, or follow my Instagram. I post things like pics of my feet, and Micheal Buble wine I find in the grocery store. Hey, I live in the fast lane.

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  1. Hi Ashley! I don't own a polka dot skirt but I can definitely see all the possibilities, maybe it's the colors blue and white that seem to go with everything, I love your top, this would have been a perfect outfit for the 4th indeed. =)