November 14, 2012


Jacket- Walmart (I hate admitting that, but I love this stupid jacket)
Dress- Vintage
Belt- Thrifted
Tights- Target
Boots- Vintage, Thrifted
Earrings- Target

This outfit is a pretty good indication of my current sartorial choices. Vintage mixed with modern, a little bohemian, erring slightly on the side of hipster, lots of colour, and totally appropriate for spontaneous adventures that I keep dreaming up but don't actually have the time to go on. This isn't a dress I wear very often, but I always love it when I do. I was so mad about these photos! I was shooting on manual and thought I'd gotten the focus right. Once I changed (read: took my bra off) I uploaded them and realized they were all blurry. Grrr! But alas, I still really liked this outfit. I swear I've worn this jacket more than I should since I bought it! I've been searching for the perfect denim jacket for ages and just happened upon it while stopping into Walmart for some coconut milk. It was $15, which is cheaper than the one I'd been eyeing at F21 (and sadly it's better constructed!), and I liked the colour better. By now it's more than paid for itself! 

I gotta tell you guys, I am seriously loving this season. Now that the weather is somewhat cooperating (75 instead of 98? I'll take it!), I just keep wrapping my self up in warm clothes, even if I don't really need them quite yet. Hot coffee and Christmas Music (but seriously guys, I listen to it year round. I just really love Christmas music!), a lingonberry candle flickering on my desk... I'm a happy girl.

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  1. I LOVE this outfit! This is so something I'd wear. The dress is gorgeous!