November 16, 2012

Music & Fashion: Paloma Faith

I'm not sure how many Americans are familiar with Paloma Faith, but I am quite a fan. To be honest, while I have known about her, and even liked the music of hers I had heard, for a long time, it wasn't until the last maybe four months that I started listening to her music actively. I love her retro styling and soulful voice, and every single one of her music videos are amazing. She actually has a degree in stage design and is the one who designs and directs all of her own music videos as well as her actual stage setup. I love that! And to top it off she has some stinking adorable clothes! I particularly love the dress above from the New York video. My screen shots aren't the best, but I love the idea of a kitchy party dress. The best part? It's buttons! All the design is little white buttons! The back is one of my favourite parts!

Her personal style is pretty great. She's a little retro, a little Helena Bonham-Carter, mixing in some designer pieces, and giving it her own spin. I love her bright red hair and crazy 'do's! Even though she sports some things that are a little out there, I think she really embraces that fashion is fun, and just go for it. Which is great.

Her music is cute a kitchy, pulls on your heartstrings, and is just seriously good. These are some of my favourites.


I seriously want to find someone to do this duet with!

From the interviews I've seen of Miss Paloma, she seems to be a totally adorable and down-to-earth sort of person. I can dig that. These little cooking videos are too cute! Not to mention I am in love with her kitchen! This isn't entirely related, but I love this video John Lewis put out (it's a British company) featuring Paloma singing a cover of INXS's Never Tare Us Apart. I've watched this video more times than I care to admit. It's just so stinking cute. 

Who's Inspiring you this week?

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