November 29, 2012

Bright Sunday

Nearly two Sunday's ago we took another trip up to Oak Glen (see the first one here). Life had been a little bit of a struggle and we nearly didn't go. In the end we decided that we all needed a bit of a respite from real life and so we headed off for one of the most wonderful days ever. Isn't it funny how that works sometimes?
I apologize in advance for how many photos are here. I deleted 100 from this post if it makes you feel better. I think I ended up with nearly 400 pictures that day (which is why it's taken me so long to edit/post them!)

We bought apples, acted silly, danced, and enjoyed a somewhat cool sunny day.

I love this.

We decided to explore a park/hiking trail on one of the farms. Thus we invented "Cute Hiking" as Charissa now calls it. 

Mass Planking

Grace found a creek and like the water baby she is, promptly took off half her clothes.

Mama and Daddy

Bri was yelling at Grace who was trying to climb on a rock that was covered in bear poo. Micheal and his stick... Chelsea and Fraser's confused amusement. And Eric.... Somehow this photo is pretty perfect.

After the hike that would not end (we went up hill for like three miles (it was probably only two.) and by the end Delaney and I were inventing new pies in our heads.), we headed over to another farm for Apple Cider donuts.

Every time we go, we do this.

Don't blink.

Eric found some mistletoe!

There is an old school house in Oak Glen (next trip I'll actually take photos of it and the inside!) that has a really great playground. So we played for an hour.

Best photo of the day.

My mother is so afraid of heights she was convinced being 4 ft off the ground would kill her. And she cried. And Grace Photobombed. 

And this happened.

Here is a silly gif I made of Bri and I running.

It was a pretty wonderful day.

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  1. I absolutely adore your family. Adorable in every way <3