December 3, 2012

Merry and Bright

My glittery Gnome.

Micheal's googly eyes

Chelsea's little chef.

Jessica's Pink Ninja Rhino

Bri's B.

My dad's Eiffel Tower

Last week I decorated the office. We don't have a ton of decorations, but we do have a little tree with ornaments from each of our employees (past and present). I bought a poinsettia and some red tinsel to give it a bit more pizzazz.  It's not much, or terribly fancy, but it does make coming into work a bit more Merry.

Every year the Mission Inn decorates like crazy for The Festival of Lights. The Downtown street mall goes Christmas crazy and I absolutely love it! I took a few shots last week in hopes of selling some to the Mission Inn Museum (which my sister works for) to turn into post cards. I still need to gather a few more but I was mostly happy with these ones I did get.

There is a beautiful old building that has never had a successful business in it and now sits abandoned. The Museum uses it for storage sometimes and a few weeks ago I got to play around in there for a few hours. This year they've set up a temporary photos with Santa/candy shop. The candy shop it too cute!! Those caramel apples look delish!

Love this shot, but this guy has got to be the worst improv Sax player in history. He'd play phrases of Christmas carols (and he only knew about four) and then some indiscernible jumble of notes in between those phrases. But this picture is cool! 

Casey's has gingerbread cupcakes! They are seriously amazing!!

The window display at the museum

This is part of the Presidents Wall. It hold portraits of each president that has stayed in the Mission Inn. Taft stayed there and they built him a special chair to accommodate his, er, girth, and he was so offended he refused to use it. But it still sits in the lobby and you can sit in it and take pictures.

'Tis my favourite time of the year. I am a happy Ashley.

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