March 1, 2013


Sometime towards the end of last year I was reading a blog (I don't remember which) and the writer was under the weather, posing in some cozy flannel pajamas. I realized I didn't have any pajamas that were appropriate for cold weather. How I managed to survive an Oregon winter sans warm pj's is beyond me (It actually probably has to do with the fact that the Dorm building I lived in was a furnace and my window was open most nights just so I didn't sweat), but I did. So of course I decided to make some! These were supposed to be my Christmas pajamas, but I only got the bottoms done. I ran out of fabric for the top and what with the inevitable broke-ness of Christmas, I only now got around to getting the top made.

Initially I planned on some super kitschy print for these pj's, but when I saw this quilting flannel, I fell in love. This is my favourite shade of green, and is a colour I am quite fond of but own very little. I loved it paired with the brown (It's funny how brown and green feel like an odd combo, but it shouldn't.) and the little ditsy floral is sweet but not too sweet. The buttons I picked up at Joann hoping they'd match. I actually really like that they are a bit darker. The piping is the pre-made stuff that I've had in my stash for ages. I absolutely adore the way the tops looks with the piped edges.

I used Simplicity 3971 which is a plus sized pattern. I cut out a small and it fits just fine. My only issue is that because it is a unisex pattern, some of the proportions are off. Also, I have a problem when using plus size patterns because, while I may be plus sized, I'm not plus sized proportioned. I had to take the sleeves us about 6 inches on either side, and the armscye is way off. The directions are also a little confusing when it comes to the collar (maybe I am just a do-do, but I seriously was super confused!) and I basically had to ignore a few of the directions and just figure it out, but I do like this pattern, and definitely recommend it. These are cozy and warm, and soft, and I have definitely fought taking them off in the morning! I've used it before, and I am sure I'll use it again. In fact I did...

If you've been reading for a while you probably know that I am crazily obsessed with Scotland and pretty much anything associated with it. And my favourite movie is The Wizard of Oz, so naturally, I adore Scottie dogs. My mom found this flannel print right before Christmas, and towards the end of January I finally made them. I again used the pants pattern from Simplicity 3971, with a few modifications. First off, if you want to make these pants, make a muslin first. The fit is great, but they are HUGE! When I made up the green pair I paraded around the house in the unfinished pants proclaiming I'd made pants for Urkel. Or a clown. The waist was somewhere around my boobs, and the sides were comical. This pair got the benefit of a modified pattern piece, but I still didn't have enough fabric to get a full pant (I think I ended up with 1 1/2 yards maybe closer to 2.), so shorts it was! I added pockets to this pair, because I like pockets and why not? An also added button holes to the waistband to make them drawstring. The drawstring is a piece of ribbon attached to a small piece of elastic. The elastic spans the whole back waistband and I stitched it into the seams for stability.

I feel like all I've made recently is pajamas, so I am now working on some other desperately needed garments. I've got a couple skirts in the works, and also a cool little totally unnecessary project. That is if I can figure out welt pockets.

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