March 12, 2013


Life lately has looked a lot like this:

Earrings I bought because they looked like something from one of those nerdy History Chanel shows I watch. Basically now I can have Ancient Alien Artifacts on my ears.

My mom knows a lady who runs estate sales. This is her car. We were both dying over it. So pretty!

A latergram from our snow day!

This was the only entry in a notebook at my favourite thrift shop. It was called The Cat Notebook. The last line of the entry nearly killed me. "I like the Egyptian way of treating cats."

Scottish Breakfast Tea Cappuccino from Coffee bean & Tea Leaf. Er. Mer. Gerd. I've actually had dreams about it.

Someone turned 18 (!!!) and accidentally got a Portal Cake. Which was stinking amazing. The cake recipe my mom used has hot coffee in it. The "frosting" is homemade whipped cream (which I fail at making for the record.), and the filling is homemade whipped cream with cherries in it. I may have also dreamed about this...

We're going to be out of town for St. Patrick's Day, which is sad because I love it. But my mom's holiday displays make me happy. Speaking of which, I need something green to wear Sunday...

We got a few days of absolutely wonderful gloomy weather! So I bundled up, drank lots of coffee, ate soup, and went to the hair dressers. My poor stylist had her work cut out for her. Nothing actually looks different, just a trim mostly.

The next day was supposed to be sunny. When I got dressed it was. Then the rain came down and our building was so cold I started shivering uncontrollably. So I ran to Goodwill and bought some leggings and a giant sweater that I wore under my coat and didn't take off the rest of the day.

This weekend we headed out to Redlands to celebrate my mom, Delaney, and Michael's birthdays (which are all in the same week!). We went to Eureka Burger for the first time. Holy. Cow. The burgers are huge and everything was so good! I got The Cowboy Burger and a local beer called Orange Wheat. Mmmmmmm! The fries in the background were their truffle fries with some fancy cheese on them. I'm not a huge cheese fan, but they were delish too!

Afterwards we went to A La Minute Ice Cream. I got the Salted Caramel in Peanut Butter cookies. It was really good! There is a place in San Francisco called Bi Rite and we definitely prefer them, but considering this isn't a 7 hour drive, this was great! Plus, it's Ice Cream, you can't really go wrong. The Mint Chip was our favourite. It had mint leaves in the ice cream!

Downtown Redlands is super cute and Hipster HQ. There was a really cool coffee shop called Augies and this sticker was in the bathroom. I've been missing Oregon terribly lately so this put a smile on my face!

Then this happened on Monday. Why CA? Why?

What have you been up to?

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