June 3, 2013


1. things I should have bought at Goodwill. 2. always a good idea. 3. a car!! more on this later! 4. trifecta of good dairy queen date. 5. a good day 6. Escondido donut shop. like omg. 7. I don't even like donuts and these were bomb. Cherry fritter and orange frosted donut with actual orange peel in it. 8. mama got a new 'do. 9. um, sunroof is pretty ace. 10. Oh hey, guess I went somewhere pretty cool this weekend. 11. with 30,000 of my closest friends (actually people I knew in jr. high were there. a lady that works across the street from me was there, Jessica was there...) 12. unfortunately there was no rain, but plenty of shine. 13. in line before they made me walk the 3 miles back to my car to put our parasols away. 14. a (pretty crappy) beer, music, and sneak peek at a new dress! 15. Desert outdoor ampitheatre. largest one in the country. 16. aftermath. I'm a little cranky today...

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