June 12, 2013

Smile and a Song

Bow- Target little girl's section
Earrings- Me Made
Cardigan- Old Navy
Pin- Vintage, gift
Dress- Me Made
Belt- Target
Petticoat- Vintage, thrifted (Stupid thing kept hanging too low! Time to replace the elastic.)
Shoes- BC Footwear via Nordstrom Rack

I made this dress a few weekends ago and wore it to go see Mumford & Sons. The top is a seersucker remnant I had leftover from this project, and the skirt is Kona Cotton leftover from an ill-fated dress attempt for my cousin's wedding. I didn't intend to cut the bodice so short, but in the end I don't mind. It ended up being so very summery and light. It made me feel kinda nostalgic and cook up visions of lazy days by a creek, living in the forest, picking apples, escaping from my evil step-mother- wait what?

Delaney was the one who pointed it out first. "Oh it looks like those modernized version of princesses! Like for Snow White."  I didn't see it. Both times I've worn it out since people have compared it to Snow White. If no one had pointed it out I doubt I ever would have made that association, but of course now, that's all I can see. I'm okay with that. As long as no one tries to poison me with an apple...

Coincidentally the flavour of this lipstick reminds me of Disneyland.

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