June 17, 2013


1, 2,& 3. Some pretty details of the Downtown Riverside Post Office. 4. Oh yay, the annual burn. 5. My work computer got a new background filled with truth. 6. this one time I was terrible at nail art. 7. A good hair day. 8. I got real excited about this dude at Walmart. 9. Lovely friends sent me goodies! The Spring Mix CD is So. Good. 10. According to the state of CA my car is actually mine! I celebrated with gross fast food after being in the DMV for 2.5 hours... 11. Local brew. If you can get this, do it. Delish! 12. Matchy-Matchy outfit. 13. Old Town LA is full of goodness. Unlike the rest of LA. 14 Churro! 15. This doesn't accurately show the utter beauty of Union Station. 16. The least inappropriate problem the Chinese Herb Shop can help you with. Their name was pretty great too.

Are any other Android users having problems with Instagram? I can't ever upload more than one photo before the whole app crashes. It's ridic. 
Also, I haven't addressed this yet, but as you all know by now Google reader will be no more in a few weeks (lame!). I've been testing out a few readers and have narrowed it down to Feedly and Bloglovin'. Of course a lot of people already use Bloglovin', so here is a link (I also added one on the side bar) to follow Yammering Muse through there.

As always you can follow me on Instagram @yammeringmuse

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