July 1, 2013


1. pretty Microphone Stand. 2. It's always a magical day when I get the parking spot in front of Chipotle. 
3.California is trying to win me over with these sunsets to make up for how bloody hot it is. It's not working. 
4.Always a favourite. Except when they spill all over your car as soon as you are done taking a picture. 5. & 6. Before and after haircut. The bangs are back in town guys. 7. Escape from the one hundred and gross degrees it is right now. 8. & 9. Thrift finds. A lot of Agatha Christie and some of the best records I've found.

I can say with great certainty that wherever you are it is not as hot as it is here (Let me put it this way, it's cooling down to a nice 100 here today), and I hate it. My father apparently had a death wish yesterday and we worked on my car ALL. DAY. in the 113 degree sunshine. I'm seriously so angry about how hot it is. There is absolutely no need for this. It doesn't help anything or one Mother Nature. Get your act together.
I'm refusing to leave my desk (which is right under the A/C) until it's time to go home. Then I will sit in a cold shower and pout.
Remind me why I left Oregon again?
(And yes I am well aware it was in the 90's there. Trust me, I'd take the 90's)

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  1. Sounds like you are having some seriously hot weather! It has been pretty hot lately here too! Love your new bangs!